Tanks in Romania


The United States began an urgent transfer of tanks to the border of Ukraine and Romania

American tanks seen near the border with Ukraine.

The US has begun moving its heavy tanks and light armored vehicles to the border with Ukraine, apparently preparing to use these vehicles to attack Russia. How exactly the tanks and other armored vehicles of the US Armed Forces got into the territory of Romania is unknown, however, it is alleged that the equipment is being transferred towards the Ukrainian border very intensively.

At the moment, it is known that several dozen units of American armored vehicles can be deployed on the border between Romania and Ukraine. We are talking about heavy tanks M1A2 Abrams and BMP Bradley. At the same time, it is alleged that we are talking about a mass transfer of tanks. Given the lack of statements of intent to conduct military exercises, this indicates that the United States is preparing to send its troops to the territory of Ukraine for a possible attack on Russian citizens in the Donbass.

On the presented video frames, you can see only one of the moments of the transportation of American tanks M1A2 Abrams and BMP Bradley towards the Ukrainian border. It is not known where the equipment is currently located, however, contrary to Russia's intentions to reduce the level of escalation in Ukraine, the United States and NATO, on the contrary, are actively creating provocations.

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It's not about the tanks. In people.

If it were not for the treacherous Minsk agreements. From the 14th everything would have been quiet already .. at 14 the militia stopped - a huge miscalculation of our leadership !!!!

It will be quiet

Are they moving tanks? So, what is next ? Perhaps we should be afraid. They themselves would not have put on pants - warriors.

Somehow the grass is suspiciously green in this video... are the winters really that warm in Romania?

Polundra! Romania plans to attack Ukraine!

like as through "friendly" greece
wrote about it

Flowers and green grass in January

Our tanks have higher cross-country ability -
They are always in order on land and in water!
And with a NATO tank, even in summer - a hernia:
It can often get stuck on paving stones!
Besides, I won't reveal the secret,
She has long been known throughout Europe,
Their tankers are lovers of hard drinking
And the technique is being hitchhiked!
They have used not only the tanks themselves,
But also other important details:
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That they sometimes lack a simple blank!

Nobody and nothing will stop the Russian Federation in the liberation of the Russian land, ancient US tanks can only be used against savages with sticks

It looks like it will be like in 1945, the division of Ukraine (like Germany), only in this way the USA and NATO can get out of the current situation after Russia set the conditions for a rollback to 1997.

Straight oil painting: The capture of fascist Ukraine. Those. Who will be the first to enter Kiev. Just the last days of World War II in Europe.