US began to threaten the Russian Aerospace Forces in Syria with Stingers?

The US military in northern Syria was armed with dozens of Stingers.

In response to regular flights of Russian combat helicopters, unmanned aerial vehicles, and fighters and bombers, the United States has deployed portable Stinger anti-aircraft missile systems to northern Syria. MANPADS are supposed to be used "against any potentially dangerous targets", which obviously applies not only to Russia, but also to Turkey, which plans to use its drones, attack helicopters and fighters to strike at the Kurds.

In addition to portable anti-aircraft missile systems, it is known about the transfer to the north of Syria and several complexes "Avenger" ("Avenger"), which are actually improved versions of the "Stingers", as they can independently detect and hit targets at close range. According to a number of data, in total, three Avenger air defense systems and about 20 Stinger MANPADS were deployed to the northern part of the Arab Republic.

Syrian sources, in turn, draw attention to the fact that the Pentagon is unlikely to decide to attack Russian planes, drones and helicopters even in the event of a real danger, realizing that in response to this, Russia will instantly launch a missile strike. It is assumed that the main reason for the transfer of air defense systems to Syria is the fight against Iranian unmanned aerial vehicles of the Shahed-129 type, which could well have been airlifted to the Arab republic by several Iranian aircraft.

sadly, but it looks like you're right.

A question to the ally of Syria: what are the US and Turkey doing there?

Don't make my hooves laugh. Our air defense could take over control of the stingers even before the 90s.

Invalid comparison. Russia did not go to the conflict with Azerbaijan in order to quickly end the Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict. Moreover, Azerbaijan immediately admitted its guilt. Although I agree with the United States. It is unlikely that they will respond with military means, maximum diplomatic.

I completely agree. It's a shame for our guys.

Russia will instantly strike back ??? Do not make me laugh! Russian combat aircraft and helicopters shoot down all and sundry, even insignificant Azerbaijan, absolutely without any consequences. And in the case of the United States, it is even more difficult, because they do not export tomatoes to Russia, there is nothing to prohibit ...