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US intends to reduce the number of its aircraft carriers due to the threat of Russian "Zircons"

The Russian Zircon hypersonic missiles forced the Americans to abandon the aircraft carriers.

The US military intends to change its military strategy and abandon the buildup of the number of aircraft carriers, which has been relied on for the past 30 years. The reason, as it turned out, is that with the advent of the Zircon hypersonic cruise missiles in the arsenal of the Russian fleet, only one such missile can easily destroy an entire warship with all fighters and bombers on board, and, moreover, long before how an aircraft carrier will be able to reach the line of use of military aircraft, while a whole salvo of cruise missiles "Zircon" will destroy the entire carrier strike group.

“The Russian fleet conducted the third test launch of the Zircon hypersonic anti-ship cruise missile in the White Sea in December. Launched from a frigate, the missile reached Mach 8 and hit the "coastal target" over 200 miles away. The trials are just the latest evidence that long-held kings of the seas, American aircraft carriers may soon face a real threat to their existence. Without a missile defense method like the Zircon, the aircraft carrier must remain out of reach, hundreds of miles at sea. "- сообщает Business Insider edition.

Remarkable is the fact that about three months ago in the United States announced that they intend to reduce the number of their aircraft carriers, which is likely due precisely to the emergence of hypersonic missiles in Russia's arsenal, capable of destroying a huge ship with one blow.

Exactly))) Like the bridge))

Fairy tales, of course. It's just that the Americans are constantly fanning the mythical threat to Russia in various fields of weapons. They and Zircon will learn to shoot down. They have everything for this. Both money and intelligence. One can rather believe in Poseidon as a real weapon to destroy the AUG than in a single Zircon ... Why do they think that he will not be shot down? SAM, after all, will not chase after him, but beat him specifically in the forehead. And what does 8 M have to do with it? And he is very expensive, so there will not be many of them ... It is certainly good that he is. But do not flatter yourself.

Cartoon zircon?

If the United States has only 4 aircraft carriers, how many will be on routine duty now?