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The United States intends to hit the Donbass with a hundred Tomahawks - they are already on the way to the Black Sea

The media reported on US plans to strike with several hundred Tomahawk missiles in the Donbas.

After Washington's announcement of its readiness to support the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the "liberation" of Donbass, two American missile destroyers were unexpectedly sent from the waters of the Mediterranean to the waters of the Black Sea, which, according to the media, intend to launch a series of powerful missile strikes in the region, destroying the main forces of the DPR and LPR. launching more than a hundred Tomahawk cruise missiles.

According to military analysts, Russia will definitely want to intervene in the situation, however, it is clear that the Russian side will not attack American ships.

“Washington may well strike with Tomahawk cruise missiles at the DPR and LPR. The US does not intend to negotiate with the DPR and LPR, and Moscow definitely will not want to sink US naval ships, because, after all, no one wants World War III to start. Of course, the probability of direct participation of the US Navy in the conflict in eastern Ukraine is extremely small, but this does not mean that "this probability is zero." It is like a "backup" option for Kiev, similar to the role of Russian troops gathering along the Ukrainian border. It is obvious that the Kremlin does not want to take a direct part in the war in Ukraine [this can be seen from the signals of high-ranking Russian politicians and security officials], ”the Soha news outlet reported.

In turn, experts draw attention to the fact that in order to strike the DPR, most missiles will have to fly over the Crimea, and Russia will already consider this act as direct aggression, reserving the right to attack destroyers, about which, by the way, Washington was repeatedly warned ...

What targets to hit ???

war is so war! I don't want to die, but live in shame, no. If we do not protect the Slavs that they want to be with us, we are not a people!

These are not the only ships and missiles in the United States.

What nonsense!

It's okay to compose fairy tales, these are all the author's fantasies. In reality, these missiles will not have time to fly out as they will be intercepted, but then our bastion complexes will not leave anything from the US Navy except a name.

The IMF controls Russia, Putin does not interfere with this. The IMF America is in charge. All the resources of Russia were exported abroad, there are also the children and interests of the entire government and the president. How, I do not understand, Putin can resist America's wishes. You can shout about patriotism as you like when it is not in the country's leadership.

I want to see how to wake it up.

I agree so maybe it will work out

Either you are really bad with math, or you are absolutely incompetent in this matter. And now some information for your self-education. RTOs accommodate from 24 to 48 KR. Even if you count it according to your calculations, it turns out that in Russia the CD is armed with less than 6 RTOs. Do you understand what you wrote about?

Agree. Played !!!!!

She speaks business

I'm just surprised. In my opinion, everyone started playing. Why do we have the UN. If they fail. a new organization must be created. which could resolve issues. The world needs peace. We must stop in time. People think about children, about grandchildren. DO NOT completely destroy the world in which we live.

Auditor? Or Plyushkin ...

They will have time to release maybe a dozen and go to the bottom ...

We have already tried to shoot and not only with "tomahawks" in Syria.
The result was near zero :-)

Well, you are completely wrong :-)

Yes, this is nonsense, America will never dare to shell the DPR.

Russia has 140 cruise missiles, the United States has 20 thousand)))

It is true, Donbass is not Iraq, and not Libya, but definitely not Russia.
And even if it is Iraq or Libya, then what happens is you can arrange a showdown, killing thousands of innocent people to please your imperial manners on the principle of "felling wood, chips fly."
As for any "unrecognized republics" there,
you should be ashamed of such outright chaos
and the violation of all international legal norms by a country that considers itself a great power.

How many analysts are divorced, no one to send

If they hit from the Ochakov area, the missiles will pass above Perekop.

If the missiles fly in the direction of Crimea, then Russia can strike at US bases around the world, at its choice. From this point on, it frees its hands.

is this gang of murderers from the United States planning to go unpunished? Dobass is not Iraq or Libya, and the United States is very accessible to Russia.

Each Tomahawk is worth nearly a million dollars. Will Ukraine pay the invoice? What shisha?

In the course of the war is inevitable if the Russian Federation sinks NATO ships this is the beginning of the end

They hit in Syria. Some of the tomahawks did not come out of the launchers, some flopped into the sea next to the carrier ship, most of them were lost somewhere (in the range of the S-400.

That's bullshit! The launch of the Tomahawk will inevitably be followed by a nuclear strike! Who knows where they are going?

The Vietnamese edition of Soha is a preserve of fake shooters and conspiracy theorists. Referring to his "reasoning" and discussing them - do not respect yourself.

I believe that this kind of information is either vyros or provocation. Nobody except Ukraine will shout to the whole planet, we are going to bomb you.

The war with the United States, apparently, cannot be avoided. They do not want a bad world, they will receive it on its territory as well.

Exactly. Only, unlike others, the Kremlin is not afraid, but it chooses at what stage of events the preferences will be better,)))

Not too old.
This is new news.
The destroyers again turned towards the Black Sea.
They changed their minds to slow down.

Not only the Kremlin knows how to scare the concentration of forces and media propaganda

The "news" is a bit old. Even after tel. conversation with Putin, Biden recalled the two destroyers and Turkey received notification that their passage through the straits was canceled