US Navy destroyer


The United States sent another missile destroyer with 120 Tomahawk cruise missiles to the Black Sea

The United States sent a new missile destroyer armed with 120 Tomahawk cruise missiles to help Ukraine.

Despite the fact that the NATO military exercises in the waters of the Black Sea (and in fact, we are talking about a provocation directed against Russia), ended, it became known that the United States sent another warship to the Black Sea - a missile destroyer of the " Arleigh Burke, which is armed with 120 Tomahawk cruise missiles. This was especially emphasized in the command of the US Navy.

Destroyer Arleigh Burke (DDG 51) has begun its northern transit into the Black Sea to work with our NATO allies and partners in the region!

"Fast and Dangerous" ... The destroyer "Arleigh Burke" enters the Black Sea. The Arleigh Burke is the lead ship of the guided missile destroyer class. She was the first destroyer in the world to be equipped with AEGIS weapons systems.»

Noteworthy is the fact that the US Navy ship with missile weapons is sent to the Black Sea against the background of the impending introduction of martial law in Ukraine from December 1, 2021, as previously reported by the news agency, citing Oleg Lyashko, previously reported.

Experts do not exclude that the United States may actually try to provide fire support to the Armed Forces of Ukraine with a missile strike on the positions of the Donbass fighters.

At the beginning of the Second World War, too, all of Europe was on the side of Germany ...

How brave we were before the Second World War. But now we do not have 15 republics and the whole world is against us. all NATO

The only thing that the Russian commander-in-chief can do is to impose sanctions on the import of tomatoes from the United States, or whatever the United States is supplying to Russia. ,, treat this with understanding ,,,

Quite right, they think that such great ones, they will skit the same way as from Afghanistan, shameful ones!

No volley. After the first missile, the destroyer turns into a colander and calmly goes to the bottom. This is not Syria for him, here they will not flirt with him.

Destroyers "Arleigh Burke" of the first series are equipped with two launchers - for 32 cells (29 missiles and a crane that occupies 3 cells for loading missiles) and 64 cells (61 missiles and a crane). The cells also accommodate anti-aircraft missiles, Standard anti-aircraft missiles and light ESSMs (4 per cell). Attention question - where are 120 tomahawks from?

And if they don’t cover Donbass, Bastion and Ball? Well, they will erase people, thousands will destroy the entire infrastructure, what will it give them?

= Better to prepare the forest for coffins, BASTION rockets will be sent in response ... =

Experts, tell me, he is armed with 120 Tomahawk cruise missiles, and how long will it take to spit out all these missiles? And will it be in time?

31 knots

And then that, jubilation in Ukraine and everyone, normal people understand that this is nothing more than a drowned man in case something happens, and not a threat. If only the threat of the bottom of the Black Sea will poison the bottom with fuel oil.

So he is new, or the first in its class, which means the oldest?

"120 Tomahawk cruise missiles." Are there 120 interceptor missiles in Crimea? Here he comes up 20 miles and fires ... a volley ...
There is no need to talk about "later". This is the fate of the warriors.

If it strikes the Donbass, it will not leave the Black Sea

Crew of 337 suicide bombers

As he sailed, he will sail away.

And if the DPR responds with a ball or a bastion?