Drone strike


The United States has found a way to destroy the S-400 - this requires 3-5 drones

In the United States, they believe they have found a way to deal with the Russian S-400 air defense system.

The US military believes that the Russian S-400 Triumph complexes can be successfully destroyed through numerous attacks. In particular, we can talk either about drones or missiles. Moreover, the use of the former is more acceptable, since drones can fly at low altitude and at the same time use electronic warfare. According to the estimates of the US military, five drones will be enough to destroy the S-400 Triumph air defense system armed with four anti-aircraft missiles (obviously, one mobile launcher is supposed to be destroyed - ed.). Taking into account the fact that often 2 missiles are fired at one target for safety reasons, three kamikaze drones will be quite enough to successfully strike.

Judging by the data presented, the United States is making a key stake as a "fighter" of the Russian S-400 on the Invictus helicopter under development, which will just carry 6 kamikaze drones to successfully counter Russian air defense systems. However, the helicopter is still under development, and its real effectiveness is in question.

Experts note that in reality, the deployment area of ​​the S-400 systems is always additionally protected by short-range air defense systems. In this regard, the drones will be destroyed in advance, as well as the helicopter itself.

There are so many high-class analysts and specialists in the United States, but they win all wars only in Hollywood.

What is a comprehensive defense experts do not know? Experts know that an aircraft carrier is capable of knocking out 1-2 cruise missiles, and to prevent this from happening, another 20-30 pennants are assigned to one aircraft carrier ?! Oh yes, Internet boys do not know that the S-400 divisions are covered by something ..

I wanted to see how our * Taganka * which stands in front of the zrk-400 with at least 10 missiles capable of destroying up to 20 targets

The С400 is covered by a short-range air defense system with a torus and a shell, and these submarines will not break through.



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