Fighter F-22


US can not use F-22 in Syria - half of the fighters can not even fly

The United States is not able to use the F-22 fighter jets in Syria.

Despite the Pentagon’s reasoning that the C-300 “Favorit” Russian anti-aircraft missile systems, which were put into service with Syria, could be destroyed by American fifth-generation fighter aircraft, it became clear today that most of the fifth-generation fighter aircraft F-22 generation simply can not even fly.

As follows from the information provided by the Sina information resource, most of the F-22 combat fighters in service with the US Air Force cannot take to the air, not to mention that only 20 vehicles are suitable for carrying out real combat missions.

“The United States cannot send its F-22 fighters to the war in Syria - around 60% of them simply will not rise into the air, while about 30% need to be removed from conservation and maintenance. In fact, today the Pentagon has only two dozen F-22 fighter jets. The maximum that the Pentagon in Siri can afford is three fighters ", - emphasize experts from China.

It should be clarified that, based on the materials presented by the Sina edition, this unfavorable situation is connected with the fact that the means for maintaining the F-22 fighters were practically not allocated, and only one and the same aircraft were constantly on combat duty.

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