US unsuccessfully tried to shoot down Chinese reconnaissance balloons

The US is unsuccessfully trying to shoot down Chinese reconnaissance balloons.

Balloons launched from China and entering US airspace were never shot down by the US military, despite attempts.

On the video footage presented, you can see how the United States unsuccessfully launches an unmanned balloon, which is equipped with reconnaissance and sounding equipment, missiles, however, so far cannot hit the target. To date, this is the third reconnaissance drone moving towards the United States.

Despite the fact that the PRC was assured that the balloon is a civilian-type drone and is designed to control the meteorological situation, the United States staged a panic due to the approach of balloons to the largest US military facilities, where, among other things, nuclear weapons are located.

In turn, experts note that the United States probably did not have weapons to fight balloons, since the latter would most likely have been shot down when entering US airspace. However, in 2019, a similar incident took place in the PRC, however, the Chinese military, without any hesitation, attacked the balloon, knocking it down on the first attempt. This fact emphasizes that the United States is simply not ready for emergency situations, since they have never been considered.


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