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US found Russia’s Doomsday weapon created by 15 years ago

Russia turned out to have another Doomsday weapon that everyone forgot about.

The American information publication “The National Interest” published an article in which experts, unexpectedly for themselves, discovered another Doomsday weapon in the arsenal of Russia. This is not a novelty at all, since the first tests of this weapon were made back in the 2005 year, however, the rocket itself was officially accepted into the nuclear Triad only a few months ago.

We are talking about the intercontinental ballistic missile R-30 "Bulava" and its main carrier nuclear submarine "Yuri Dolgoruky", and, as the American publication notes, air defense systems are completely powerless against the Russian ICBMs.

“40-ton missiles can dodge about forty air defense strikes [anti-aircraft defense]”, - reports the edition of The National Interest.

Given the fact that the YNU Dolgoruky nuclear submarine is armed with the 16 ICBM R-30 Bulava, there is practically no question of successfully repelling a strike.

At the same time, experts note that, as part of the tests, the launch efficiency of Bulava ICBMs was less than 79% - of the 33 launches that took place, 26 were successful.