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US announced plans to rebuild Simia airbase near Russian borders

An old American military airbase may be rebuilt near the Russian border.

The United States of America announced that it is ready to restore its old military airbase, which was previously located on the island of Simia, in the near future. Washington's threats are directed primarily at Russia, since the re-entry of a military facility could lead to a significant increase in tensions near the Russian borders, however, despite statements by a number of media outlets that the appearance of American aircraft here "... will become a pistol at the temple of Russia," experts draw attention to the fact that, if necessary, the Russian military can generally arrange a blockade of the US Air Force base, simply by deploying their electronic warfare systems and air defense systems next to it.

“The island of Simia is actually isolated and without any serious support, it could simply be blocked. Today, Russia has both long-range electronic warfare systems and long-range air defense systems. Even if we assume that the United States will deploy its F-35 and F-22 fighters here, the latter are unlikely to even be able to take off, since their systems will simply be driven crazy by Russian electronic countermeasures. ", - emphasizes the specialist.

A little earlier, information about the deployment of American military aircraft on the island of Simia was reported by Forbes, calling such actions by Washington an effective response to Russia.