US military


USA announced the introduction of its armed forces in Karabakh

The Americans announced the deployment of military personnel to Karabakh.

US President's National Security Adviser O'Brien announced the possibility of introducing peacekeepers into the territory of Nagorno-Karabakh without the consent of Armenia and Azerbaijan. According to the adviser to the American Leader, the speech is about the transfer of peacekeeping forces to one of the Scandinavian countries, however, experts believe that in reality we are talking about the American military, simply transferred from Scandinavia to Karabakh.

“US President’s National Security Advisor O'Brien announced the possibility of introducing Scandinavian peacekeepers to Nagorno-Karabakh. In response to the proposal of Armenian President Nikol Pashinyan to involve Russia in the settlement of the conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh and the introduction of Russian peacekeepers into the conflict zone, the United States received a proposal to introduce Scandinavian peacekeepers to Karabakh. “The armed peacekeepers in the conflict zone should not include representatives of the Minsk Group co-chairs, as well as from neighboring countries. Any mediating or peaceful role of Turkey is unacceptable for both the US and Armenia. We believe that both sides will agree to the option of the Scandinavian peacekeepers. "We are working with the governments of the Scandinavian countries to send peacekeeping forces to Nagorno-Karabakh to maintain the ceasefire," said US President's National Security Advisor O'Brien at a meeting with representatives of the Armenian community in Los Angeles., - about it сообщает publication "The First Sevastopol".

Against the background of Russia's refusal to introduce its peacekeeping forces into Nagorno-Karabakh, the United States may become a “friend” for Armenia, and this, in turn, may result in Russia's loss of its influence in the region, however, we are hardly talking about the Scandinavian peacekeepers.

“It is quite obvious that the Scandinavian peacekeepers are just a cover for the transfer of American forces to Armenia. This could seriously undermine Russia's position in the region, not to mention the loss of such an ally as Armenia. For Washington, this is a much more significant factor than even support for Yerevan, and such an idea will obviously be promoted specifically in order to spoil Moscow. ", - notes the analyst

So why are you sitting and writing comments, and not in the ranks with a gun? Apparently you are waiting for the Russian Ivan to come and give his life for you. Surely literally two months ago, you also wrote RUSSIAN GO HOM!

If they bring in, then Aliyev will finish badly, and Pashinyan was appointed to bring in NATO Peacekeepers, as soon as they are transferred, then there will be no fire. Russia lost its Imperial claims back in 1989. In any case, they will definitely not shoot while there are NATO peacekeepers, this immediately threatens to capture any country, and they will not stop, as we do in Georgia. We do not have a person in our power who can make decisions like America. They jumped, and the Dirk was rusted, it would be better to change it for a clock.

If the Americans enter Armenia, then in the future there will be military bases that the Armenians will have to maintain. The entire kafkaz is under American control, if it is, then the end of Russia will come very soon. The power that strives for this, and the Russian people still think that the country is the strongest.

Dozens of people die every day, and for the mighty, this is just an excuse to strengthen their geopolitical position.

Come on, Armenia is no longer an ally for a long time! Let the Scandinavians be brought in, as soon as the bambezh of the civilian population has stopped!

Interestingly, the American leader will also be threatened by Aliyev, like the Russian one, so that he will not introduce? Well, let's see!

Russia had a month to act. Itself did not intervene. And others are not allowed?

However, not very smart. Pay with your boyfriends' lives for "influence" in a forgotten corner of the world? And Moscow will only have to urge the Armenians for their money (or for the American - what's the difference?) Multiple launch rocket systems for grinding American cannon fodder by the Armenians' hands.
Beaten is numb!
Vietnam in memory of them.

In Abkhazia they did not succeed. Now they decided in this way. It could (I think) be foreseen.

already 35 days Armenia 1 on 1 by Turks. without russia. and we asked so

and here Putin is seeking to bring HIS PARTNERS closer to the border with Russia

"Promising to marry does not mean getting married" (C)

A very clever tactical move: first, it is a provocation, the purpose of which is to force Russia to send its troops and get involved in a war with Turkey. Second, if Russia hesitates, America will do it and Russia will have another headache, and the Americans in the rear, on legal grounds, and it will be impossible to knock them out of there, tk. the whole world will see who the "peacemaker" is, and Russia will again be misunderstood.

Armenia has long ceased to be Russia's ally.
And not an active ally.