US approves sale of F-16 fighter jets to Turkey and may consider Ankara's return to F-35 program

Turkey has been allowed to buy American F-16 fighter jets and is considering returning to the F-35 program.

After Turkey approved the admission of Sweden and Finland to NATO, the United States unexpectedly allowed Turkey to acquire a large batch of American F-16 fighters. This was stated by Senator Lindsey Graham.

“I support the Biden administration's decision to support the sale of new F-16s to our NATO ally, Turkey. Although we have disagreements with Turkey, it is a NATO ally and it is in America's national security interest to build up its capabilities in a troubled region.", said the US senator.

We are talking about the purchase of a large batch of combat aircraft. Moreover, it is noteworthy that before that, the United States spoke out against providing Ankara with the opportunity to purchase these fighters. Moreover, there is evidence that one of the conditions put forward by Turkey in relation to the United States was also the return of Turkey to the F-35 fighter program, which is also expected to be discussed in the near future.

Experts note that, in fact, Ankara achieved its goals in exchange for the admission of two countries to NATO. At the same time, it is noteworthy that Turkey managed to quarrel the Kurds and NATO, which makes it possible for Ankara to launch a military operation in northern Syria.