The United States officially retrained the Russian Su-57 into a 4th generation fighter

The Russian Su-57 fighter was downgraded to a level worse than the Su-35.

The US military officially downgraded the Russian Su-57 fighter from a fifth-generation combat aircraft to a fourth-generation combat aircraft, stating that the Su-4 faced "numerous problems and setbacks" and cannot be classified as a modern fighter ...

“Analysts Ryan Bauer and Peter Wilson, in an article for the American research organization RAND, declared the Su-57 a fourth-generation fighter that faced“ numerous problems and setbacks ”. “Even fully developed, the Su-57 is likely to be similar in performance to another upgraded fourth-generation heavy fighter-bomber, the F-15EX, which lacks stealth as the F-35, but is equipped with similar avionics,” the authors conclude. Analysts are confident that "the numerous problems and setbacks faced by the Su-57 have reduced the likelihood of its delivery for export until the mid-2020s." The specialists called the unprepared engine of the second stage the main challenge of the project ", - about it сообщает Russian information publication "".

Nevertheless, experts draw attention to an important fact - the American military simply cannot have objective information about the capabilities of the Russian fifth generation fighter, although the Su-57, in turn, was able to successfully pass by the American air defense systems only a few tens of kilometers away - it is almost certain would have been noticed and identified, while Russian air defenses and fighters were already hunting American F-35s, proving that it was the American combat aircraft that was useless.

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And Russia, in response, renamed the American F-22 and F-35 aircraft of the third generation! Since they are very noticeable, slow and very dangerous.

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What does OFFICIAL mean? The opinion of the two analysts without education cannot be called official. Ryan Bauer and Peter Wilson have nothing to do with aviation, and are completely incompetent in this matter. Yes, and the article was published in a non-core publication.

And it is right! And also our submarines - not submarines and nuclear missiles and lasers and everything else - cannot be considered weapons at all. Now let's negotiate the reduction of the WEAPON, which we have crumbs. ;)

There are, as usual, two options. either they want us to think that they underestimate us, or they really underestimate us. In the first case, they pursue the goal of humiliating us in the world market, or the goal of making us spend money on reaching a level 5 aircraft in the American opinion. But we do not care about their opinion, their assessment will not change the price and demand for our plane, and the fact that their statement, perhaps, was made specifically for trolling, we already mean, but we will pretend that we did not understand.

-What are the reasons?
- USA: most importantly - we cannot receive income for this aircraft

Experts from the magical land of brands, opiates and hash, which is 25 years behind the Russian Federation in armaments, talk about modern aircraft. And they themselves fly on penguins, like the F35 or steampunk creatures like the B52. Completely comics about superheroes beguiled with reality.