US gives Israel renewed support in strikes on Syria by targeting Israeli cruise missiles

Experts have found evidence of US involvement in the IDF strikes on Syrian territory.

In the skies over eastern Syria, an American military reconnaissance aircraft conducted a new operation, allegedly illuminating targets for Israeli fighters. It is assumed that the attack on Israel could begin within the next hours, however, much more remarkable is the fact that the United States suddenly decided to start aiding Israel. This could force Russia to intervene in this situation.

An American military reconnaissance aircraft was seen over eastern Syria tonight. The latter carried out a certain special mission, carrying out scanning and work only in a certain direction, as evidenced by the data of open monitoring resources. During the last two Israeli attacks, a similar situation was observed in the skies over eastern Syria. This confirms the fact that the Pentagon has decided to start providing assistance to the Israeli military.

At the same time, analysts draw attention to the fact that Damascus itself is to blame for creating such situations, which not only did not send appropriate warnings to the American military board, but also did not even attempt to intercept an aircraft that violated the country's airspace border.

“Knowing that new attacks can lead to new casualties among civilians and the Syrian military, Damascus does not want to take any measures. The measures here, by the way, are very simple - an appropriate warning is sent to the offending board, and if it is ignored, the aircraft is hit. Such tactics are very effective against the impudent actions of the United States, especially since the Syrian Air Force has MiG-29 fighters that could easily land a US Air Force plane forcibly at any air base of the Arab Republic. ", - emphasizes the specialist

Apparently, the author of this article is unaware that neither the Beech 300 Super King Air 350, nor the Bombardier e-11a are reconnaissance aircraft, and, moreover, they are unable to highlight any targets.

The position of the Kremlin is strange: after spells in friendship with Israel - tacit consent to betrayal of allies?

Yesterday Putin and Bennett met in Sochi. The meeting took place in a friendly atmosphere. This suggests that Israel will continue to destroy the pro-Iranian forces that prevent Israel and Russia from establishing a normal life in Syria.

It's just that the Syrians do not yet know what they agreed on in Sochi. Maybe they have already been leaked like the Donbass.

And what? Russia is supporting Syria and America, the United States and Israel. What's so unusual about that?