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US: from the type of Russian airbases one can only cry

US military experts compared the airbases of Russia and the United States.

The network edition of East Day, citing data from US network resources, claims that the state of Russian military airbases, which, as Russia notes, are destined for modern combat aircraft, cause American military experts only bewilderment.

The opinion of US military specialists is due to the lack of quality infrastructure, partial destruction of capital facilities, the absence of special hangars for storing equipment and banal chaos.

"If you take as an example any American airbase and compare it with any Russian military air base, then immediately noticeable differences. Considering photographs from Russian military airbases, there is a feeling that just a few days ago it was subjected to a massive bombardment or there was a cataclysm. Some buildings not only require explicit repair, but in fact, are completely destroyed. Operated equipment is most likely used here since the times of the Soviet Union, there is no precise protection ", - the American edition of the newspaper "East Day" quotes.

Experts believe that this means that the current state of Russian military airbases can not be better characterizes the true state of affairs in the Russian military aviation space.

"This country is trying to compete with us for the right to be called a superpower with the most powerful aircraft on the planet? From everything I see, I just want to cry ", - experts conclude.

Nevertheless, experts do not agree with the opinion of US military analysts.

"The absolute majority of Russian air bases have been given to the country since the collapse of the Soviet Union. Yes, some of them really need modernization and improvement, but this does not at all affect the combat capability of the Russian Federation Air Force, and therefore the arguments of the so-called "experts" can be called unfounded ", - concluded the military analyst.


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