Russian airbase


US: from the type of Russian airbases one can only cry

US military experts compared the airbases of Russia and the United States.

The network edition of East Day, citing data from US network resources, claims that the state of Russian military airbases, which, as Russia notes, are destined for modern combat aircraft, cause American military experts only bewilderment.

The opinion of US military specialists is due to the lack of quality infrastructure, partial destruction of capital facilities, the absence of special hangars for storing equipment and banal chaos.

"If you take as an example any American airbase and compare it with any Russian military air base, then immediately noticeable differences. Considering photographs from Russian military airbases, there is a feeling that just a few days ago it was subjected to a massive bombardment or there was a cataclysm. Some buildings not only require explicit repair, but in fact, are completely destroyed. Operated equipment is most likely used here since the times of the Soviet Union, there is no precise protection ", - the American edition of the newspaper "East Day" quotes.

Experts believe that this means that the current state of Russian military airbases can not be better characterizes the true state of affairs in the Russian military aviation space.

"This country is trying to compete with us for the right to be called a superpower with the most powerful aircraft on the planet? From everything I see, I just want to cry ", - experts conclude.

Nevertheless, experts do not agree with the opinion of US military analysts.

"The absolute majority of Russian air bases have been given to the country since the collapse of the Soviet Union. Yes, some of them really need modernization and improvement, but this does not at all affect the combat capability of the Russian Federation Air Force, and therefore the arguments of the so-called "experts" can be called unfounded ", - concluded the military analyst.

In aviation, as in any other technique, there is no knowledge of CA OS methods in NS and NP physics without hypotheses with generalized VW factors, there is a fragmentary bad knowledge of MKM CS objects in the RS for OP with hypotheses and inadequate standards and rules obsolete and erroneous. There are no shelters to prepare flights, but there is a large amount of property combined with ignorance in physics

Yura, you determined in Chechnya or Volgograd tractor factory. Which closed already years 15 as. Zhmerinka hello, in Soviet times was a nice little town

and you rypnis on such razvalyushku))))

Ie, who has a steeper garage, that's stronger? And it does not matter what kind of wheelbarrow it is there, the main thing is where it stands .... ahahahahaha

we do not have as many aircraft in order to keep all the bases in order - but the pvoo is what makes the number of their planes useless

if you mean referees, I agree. But in reality the equipment is maintained in a normal state by the personnel, the repair enterprises of the armed forces and the equipment manufacturers. The last two participants are virtually excluded, and the entire infrastructure is worn out by almost 100 percent. The main requirement now is to restore the equipment at the expense of wages.

So in the US, too, these photos can be done.

You're at home, you idiot, pants take a picture, and you want to cry poplakat- can ochuhalsya little !!!

but how do they take off?

About the cemetery of planes in America. They buy (at least civil) some third world countries including Russia.

Google "airplane graveyard in Arizona," for example, take any picture and write the same article about amerovskuyu superfood superpower, and then sign it, and then we listened to 90e?

In the suburbs all oh .. but. And in the Volgograd region, hard workers are paid from 10000 rubles. The area regularly pays tribute to Moscow. At the same time as the tractor after 43 goda.Da and remaining plants in Volgograd and Volzhsky full jo ... And in Chechnya million city rebuilt. Young people are streaming to Moscow too. Is it necessary to enlarge the capital by destroying the periphery?

and we flew all the time, the 2 re-line. it's cold but the soldier must endure the hardships of military service

we already have a center from the Krasnodar school

Absolutely true!

Everywhere so. Especially in relation to the military personnel to the technology and their duties. But they say, in the States it's even worse. It soothes ...

A beautiful photo of the end of 80x the beginning of 90. After the collapse of the USSR. Before popping like a grandmother on a bench. Just look closely at the photo. There on board the flag of the USSR. And what it tells me that this is an airplane of some kind of former sots.republikki.

Something I do not understand .. pictures from satellites ... debilizm "generals" Our swallows both flew and fly .. and flyers I know from BABSK - excellent and the school and the flight crew!

Amers on 100 are right, hangars are not, people freeze in winter repairing technics, even hatches - a problem to open on the plane

At 100 correctly, no hangars, mess, enough in the winter in the cold - the wind technics are being repaired - 15 years served, I know not by hearsay, the hatch is freezing (you can not get to the blocks) - you have to warm up special equipment. And for the title of a superpower you can compete when there are no beggars. and retirees live. but will not survive

The history of this fake and for a long time already people who think with their own heads know this already))
less need to look the box)

The old man, amused with this banner Yeltsin-Putin))

The bad state of Russian airbases is not yet proof that the military is not capable! Lol azaza ....

Pecreotism goes off scale. Such a conclusion after reading komentov suggests.

And what can the US with its 10 aircraft carriers do against Russia? Nothing! The range of their wing is blocked by our anti-ship complexes in 3, and even 4 times. The aircraft carrier is an excellent, huge low-speed target, and even with escort ships, which also fall under attack. The US AOG air defense system can not withstand the strike of the RCC. It can not be just because it was not built for it. Amerikosy can say anything, but their generals are not psychotic or kamikaze. Unlike scribblers on the Internet, they perfectly understand and know everything.

Doctors by the way 10.000 for a long time already do not receive. The salary of the operating sister in the Moscow 45.000 suburbs. Doctors from 65000 and above.

ukrs gathered to dig the strait to separate the Crimea from the mainland, If they can, I believe that the sea was dug up

This you are accustoming. Order must be maintained everywhere.

These pilots would have a salary like those of Russian doctors 10 000 rubles ... That's when we looked, who is here to bathe ... ;-)

And what sort of gossip, the Pendous "experts" put their noses at our airbases? Who put them into the bases at all?
What's going on in the minds of those who miss?!?!
USA-enemyN1.I can not let him into the house under any conditions !!!

And what did these Americans think when Donald Cook ran on the deck looking for a drink? When our air force was just visiting with greetings. Then in the dreams probably superbazy Russian saw with super flying machines. It's like ponty about carrots. Above the bush, in the land of the pimple. Let bush on health, maybe no one will attack.

Americans are used to comfort, they and the bath need airplanes and toilets on bases, as in hotels, and that the grass next to the take-off area does not grow, and that the carpets lie near the airplane. And if suddenly real battles, like in Vietnam, well then these are not warriors. Well, as without the toilet and bath on the battlefield. So they sit on the bases, behind the fences and dream more home, to the wife or the woman, and if suddenly the airbase will be fired, then: oh, the guard, what is being done, not to show off in the uniform, you need to hide and call for help. And then there's fire and dust. Warriors, their mother in the swing.

Everything in the army is good! Comfort of the special does not need the comfort of home. I think now the military does not offend the norms. They compared with what their dead air bases also had enough to measure them. I will say for myself when I served in a caravan with stoves of burzhujkami. Nobody complained. A year later we built a completely autonomous outpost. purification plant diesel and so on. Totally rearmed. all done. even an aquarium set. If someone does not see the changes, wipe your eyes !!!

Chatterbox for a spy !!!!))) pull out here

Napisal Zdorovo !!!!!

Let them laugh. He laughs the one who laughs last. Above the "Caliber" also laughed.

You can not agree with the article, but who here issues these photos for the photo of the airfields question.

at councils for a drain infy sat down already.

And where do the ugly ???
If you want to look smart, better keep silent

During the war, the American did not help, today the Americans will not fight because of the lack of toilet paper and Coca Cola

The countrymen were inflamed, we ... yes, we thought about the pilots, they would not interfere with the comfort of the combat mission after the performance of the combat mission. And you argue about the TV on the couch with a mug of beer: yes, we, yes, I, with fists on the tank, yes easily ... and sleep only on the glass and nails I can ... Well, brothers as always one pizdesh, about how I can ..

You can certainly say that we are able to endure hardships and all that. But the expert is really right. I work at the airport, and when I see rotting under the sky air planes costing billions of rubles for which they can not build a light hangar worth several thousand hearts bleeds. Saving on a small lose a lot more.

The absolute majority of Russian air bases have been given to the country since the collapse of the Soviet Union. Such a scoop came to Russia before his death and gave a bag of airbases. OOO "Russian Federation" look at him, and there everything is in ruin ... and in a chill. I got it and let's put it everywhere and everywhere. Moscow already vomited and swallowed in all directions on the suburbs, and even elite housing, but here 2 barn can not be repaired. In the fucking Polkans, billions of rubles are scraped out of the cellars for days on end, while on the take-off the brooms are rushing to a new call of green servants. In general, everything will appear as the country's floor will be bombed. Benefit domestic experience is.

To pictures network years 20, absolutely amerikosy were exposed to naive

Russian airfields look no worse than the American ones. And the grass in the belt outside the parking lot is the same as ours. Maybe we have smaller caponiers, so they are more on the a / b, located closer to the theater. They're lying, pandyuki! I've seen with my own eyes and from them and from us

Well, yes, I imagine their perplexity. There is no McDonald's, billiards, bars, jacuzzi, bidet and so on. How to fight? Ou May Goth!

Apparently because of her absence, they did not participate in the Second World War at all.

But the great shovels with their shovels dug out the Black Sea and filled the Caucasus with this land. Ah, yes! The Egyptian pyramids were built! Also have something to be proud of!

States robbed the whole world. So, of course, you can do sweets. But their money is always not enough. Someday Pindos will destroy the habit of royal comfort.

Well done keep it up, I completely agree with you, you read these weeping half-wits and dumash where this unfinished youth rolls full ignorance and ignorance, they are used to only whining and are no longer capable of anything.

Do you default in Ukraine?

I do not know how about aviation, but what about the Germans from our village, our soldier "knocked out" on a cart drawn by a horse paired with a camel, with an accordion and "Katyusha," that's a fact. The Germans drugged on cars, estessno ...

How tired of your whining. I have a term and two contracts. Inna need to deceive people. Everything in the army is good. You better tell me how much you get paid for panicking.

Cry? After you went under yourself, you can cry.

That enemy is safe, who is sure that he holds you in his arms

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The Americans and the Great Patriotic War could not fight without enough beer and toilet paper!
So, without a warm assortment, they have no fighting unit!
So they try on our "uncomfortable conditions".
We just need to understand them correctly: they could not fight like that!

But the salaries of the military. And pensions.

I do not know why you have such an opinion? I myself am a working helicopter of the VKS, Helicopter Park has changed with 2009. of fighting we first got to the Mi-28 2012 24 replaced Mi-Mi-35 so it is with Mi-8 in high quantities and also Ka-52. So you are wrong

This is a disguise

That's our strength, that even with such air bases our planes easily take off and successfully fulfill the tasks assigned to them. And you are weak! And no one is competing with you; they let you know: do not stick to us, or your airbases will disappear from the face of the earth.

I see you in all branches of the army expert. And where and how many years did you serve, and in what years?

Russia does not need pampers. It has other tasks.

They're not fucking ... they're Russian. Throughout history, they prove that the impossible is possible. That's why you do not have an idea about fucking at Americans, they think they are the most, the most, and Koreans so vashe themselves the most ancient people believe, smarter and better than all ... you are just one more halimous Russophobe.

Yes, all Russians remember and are proud. And you, crazy slag, since there is nothing to be proud of, sit and silently envy.

In the right to all the puffing up only we will have to adequately and all these grief patriots as in the 41 war in a foreign land aga for 3 months to Moscow ran

Well, I am surprised at the inhabitants of the yellow houses Russia has already given and seen and touched everything and roughly fuck

Vityok well, you're exactly there the Germans were breaking the moths in the toilet from the Stirlitz and the airplane with the Sachok drove away the cheers by the eagle

We already defaulted and we can already crap without a diaper, but the money is stored in the Amerian papers and the hello is sturts

Telik often watch

The aircraft industry was destroyed by a clique of lawlessness about the army, the shaigu said that the scribe had been plugged into his mouth and that the sturler could only build off

Hmm ... A Vata at least in the eyes of the fathers, though x ... I eat in the nose poke, they all remember the same, are proud of (which and what, they already do not understand) and "can replay." Oh, yes, even their naive faith in the Rusei "superweapon" and "skolenvstavanie." YOU EB ... YOU ???!

Pilots of the British Air Force refused to fly out on the "all-weather" super product .. F-35 ... the weather is not flying. ..

They would be thrown off by the Germans if Stalin did not intervene.

Do you know how Russia will act in the event of a conflict with the Pindos if we lose? We just rasherachom the whole world to the last before the death of Roossi and all you ponder over Russia where 8000 nuclear warheads pizdyuley all over the world naveshae

Some buildings not only require explicit repair, but in fact, are completely destroyed. Operated equipment is most likely used here since the times of the Soviet Union, there is no clear protection ...
naive people. they do not know that at our airbases all important things are hidden in dugouts?
and there is no security, because the bears are guarded. with balalaika ...

And then convince the Americans that everything is so bad in Russia with airbases, maybe they will postpone their default on the savings pampers

The United States and Britain came to Europe in July 1944, when the Germans had already been broken by the "ridge"
It's a pity that Zhukov did not drop all Anglo in La Mans

America (its experts, among others) sees what it is given (Russia) to see. And "more", America is seen in case of need (aggression against us)

And where are you now? Where did you go? What did not pile up the natives? Oh, a fist!

YES-DU, DA-DU, .......................... UR-RA !!!

We do not have military aviation cemeteries in Russia! At each airport there is trash for which there is a separate place! And the fleet of military aviation is really old! We have several dozen new helicopters and helicopters too !!! Money stolen, unfortunately!

Guys! With satellites, everything is perfectly visible, even on Google images I'm not talking about the quality of the military! There optics are much better! I recently watched the pictures of the "secret" airfield where my father served as an airplane flyer at 31! So everything can be seen there: the caponiers, the techies, the aviation armament depots and the ancient airplanes! Caponiers were built in 60 x years under the aviation of that time, nothing for 30 with superfluous years there has not changed! And the airfield is very important! Should provide defense of northern borders: Norway, Finland !!!

I agree with the author of the article. Without tears, I did not look at tears, I worked at the Sokol airfield in Nizhny Novgorod, the devastation, everything was taken apart, all the serviced equipment of 50-60, workers almost all retired, the youth did not go for pennies, the equipment was very morally obsolete now there is supposedly a modernization of production facilities, but in fact laundering grandmothers, and report that everything is fine ... But this is a factory where a deep modernization takes place 31 moment, prednaznachennaya for the launch of the "dagger" ... which upgrades, changed the glass and the new radios set and all, all for show ... ... solid offensively, even tanks in jiffies brew can not, shame ...

you all morons once think that in a modern military conflict you can win a scrap. Aviation we have a lame fleet on both legs so that in general in a coma the infantry has long died in Afghanistan. And about nuclear weapons, we are not one country with nuclear weapons, so it's also not an option. total! we do not have anything

and how much in yours do we have such ships? and when they were launched? And yet the power plant is not an armament it is not the RCC and not cruise missiles so that once in a topic do not write anything at all

No, this is a schoolboy. If you think so, go to the army. Look at what and how soldiers can only spread out a snow canopy from the snow. good soldiers who know their business very little

First, knock down at least one, and then write how it was, and so in theory everything is easy and simple, the flag is in your hands, the Chinese.

And how long has the US considered the cemetery of airplanes an airbase? They would have added another one here, yes

The ability of aviation to work from any bases, as well as the ability of personnel to dispense with air conditioning, ice cream and beer, deserves attention.

If you want to cry, very much, then Russia can organize it.

God grant that your tears are never dried ....))))

You yourself are the primate, the selling sausage! You need to drive the skin of a dirty broom for a long time out of the country! let the Saxons feed you!

People destroying centuries-old cities and surprising hundreds of innocent people just because they are afraid of an open battle with the enemy will not be able to counter even this wounded but formidable bird in the photo. Look at the pinosins in it, it even looks dangerous. Well, on the branch, the oud was voiced. for that weapon weep. Weep better on your now insignificant ABM.

Hmm ... the same "American experts" lamented that their planes could not take off from Russian airfields. Air intakes from them are not designed for our "swamps" you see ... I'm asking -who need a plane that only faces its front door, but can not be a front-line aircraft?

Yes, and let them think so, it only makes us better. Even to discuss it is not necessary!

These primates have nuclear weapons! Any fleet The aircraft carrier is DENIED, the attacker is using everything that can destroy and kill, the answer will be similar. The main priority will be the prompt delivery of nuclear munitions to the targets. As of 22 February 2018, as part of Russia's strategic nuclear forces, there were 1444 nuclear warheads on 527 deployed strategic carriers, you think about these figures .........

We have little experience in building bases abroad but we are fast learning

My son is practicing on the Russian naval ship. The two main 900 engines and three auxiliary engines of the Rolls-Royce company. The crew repairs the equipment on board the ship for their wages. In 21 century, paint a piece of sponge (bast).

And who will not allow us to shoot our bases? Look around, we only have Russian spirit and everything else is imported, even smelly socks with cowards. Sossinia keeps all the money in America, the filthy Negroes do not work, they live at the expense of our old people. The war has long been lost.

The dispute between the "intellectual" and the "muzhik" in the fight, always ends with his defeat! Russian with three words can not only make a proposal, but also a whole story!
Whatever it was, the war - not comfortable conditions, here with the Russian conversation useless, "muzzle" will be typed!

Did you realize that you wrote it yourself? A severe winter is a maximum of two months a year. And it's not all the time. And there are still spring, summer and autumn. Brains include. This our people of all invaders grinded.

Our air bases did not like them, and they did not like the work of our aviation in Syria, at the hour of X they would not like much of anything in our aviation

Do not cry - Zhenya! This is a sham ... What do you know about our army, eh?

we are hungry naked beggarly we catch up and overtake America, America has 10-ki aircraft carriers, and we have some kind of metal, in general, America 3-times stronger, the primates talked

Hitler lost because the harsh Russian winter prevented him + the United States and Great Britain were in his way. And did not compare the technique of the US and Sossia, Hitler would have fought the USSR. With Napoleon, the same story


the right man said right

Ento in what fantasy you read

Shabby or not, We still pile on anyone in full! I grew up in Uzbekistan next to a military airfield. He studied at school with the children of pilots, nastlgia for the USSR. The thing is, will the order for a retaliatory strike arrive? Because of betrayal.

Accidentally with Ukraine is not confused?

And you just do, served?

Some American schoolboy wrote)) We are not aviation for the competition. It's enough. And in our military equipment there is always a priority of simplicity of service

Sorry, but comparing the abandoned cemeteries of abandoned aircraft still in Soviet times. With the current US bases, at least illogical. It's like coming to a neighbor in a lumber in the backyard of his house, flick the dead Muscovite, and compare with his new car. At the same time not noticing that the neighbor has parking in fact in a different place .... not even smashno

This all slanders our democratic achievements and conquests. Under the banner of Yeltsin-Putin to new victories!

It is necessary to clarify - with 1 three-line for three!

experts))) sausage scraps))
yes our bases without pools and hangars with air conditioners for airplanes))
but our plane is quietly standing in the snow and rain and the sun while their F22, F35 immediately breath), yes for aesthetics and show their base class. but as the war begins ours can sit down everywhere to refuel and take off (within the reasonable) and their miracle after the arrival does not go into the hangar becomes metalolom. and MiG 35 in general with a primer to take off and sits down can. if the level of comfort for the military is compared, then our pilfering and sawing, and if the battle is good that they think so)) surprises will be.

I often fly to work and work. How many councils have been built and are now well-maintained and working. Locks are not Pindosovsky but works and flies to the same shoots and very aptly. Employees are paid a norm. Want as there a loan in the bank and to pindos to work the whole world in your hands young Rockefeller :)))

Write learn, and then comment. And your country is exactly the end, there is no country for you.

The country is the end! I agree ... we do not have an army but props

All the same rake !!!))) world history would be better to read, and not a paper crown to their betalovku peremeryali! Napoleon with Hitler you polited information in the underworld read, and the usefulness of the biotoilet, etc.)))

Yes, all correctly say ... and hangars do not even have canopies ... all miserable ... planes ripped ... infrastructure from the USSR yesterday, got it? 21 a century on the nose ... no funding for capital needs ... fly and so will cope ... we would not show off and do something so as not to disgrace ....

The one who cries last is crying.

absolutely agree with them. Complete devastation. Several new aircraft will not solve anything. We will fight with three-lined

Do pindosam razmudykivat about the cemetery of airplanes? The minks are fucking, who will give you combat airfields and bases to shoot?

Well, if airbases call storage sites written off
airplanes, then yes. The network is full of photos from such places.
And the security there is so-so ... All the secret and necessary is removed from them. In the United States, there are much more such warehouses. And nobody puts them in balls!