The United States will return to Tajikistan 17 military aircraft hijacked from Afghanistan

The US is trying to strengthen relations with another Russian ally.

Planes hijacked from Afghanistan may appear in service with Tajikistan. At the moment, the United States is ready to officially transfer 17 military aircraft for the needs of the Tajik Air Force in order to improve relations with this country and strengthen cooperation against the background of the fact that there is a certain threat for Tajikistan from the Taliban terrorist movement (banned in Russia - ed.). ed.) and the Islamic State terrorist group (banned on the territory of Russia - ed. note).

The head of the US Central Command, General Michael Kurilla, said that the United States is currently considering the possibility of transferring to Tajikistan combat aircraft that were previously in service with the Afghan Air Force, but in connection with a coup d'etat organized by the Taliban terrorists hijacked in this country.

“The United States can leave Tajikistan donated Afghan warplanes donated by the United States, which took refuge in this Central Asian country after the withdrawal of US troops from Kabul last August,” the US military commander said. “We are grateful to the Armed Forces of the Republic of Tajikistan for continuing to provide protection for the aircraft that the Afghan Air Force flew into the country in August last year. The United States is working with the government of Tajikistan to determine the best way to efficiently use and maintain aircraft,” he said in comments relayed by the US Embassy.- Reuters reports.

Analysts believe that in this way the United States intends to strengthen cooperation with Tajikistan, especially against the background of Dushanbe's interest in obtaining additional weapons.