Patriot System


US refuses to sell Patriot systems to Turkey

Turkey will be left without Patriot systems.

The United States has officially withdrawn its offer to the Turkish side regarding the acquisition of its own Patriot systems. In fact, this means that the only option for Ankara is to increase the volume of air defense systems purchased from Russia, including additional purchases of S-400 Triumph air defense systems, as well as the possible purchase of the S-300 Favorit air defense system and the Pantsir air defense system -WITH".

“We regularly told Turkey that our Patriot proposal would lose its strength if they received [Russian] C-400 systems. Our Patriot Offer Expired ”- said the official of the US State Department.

Turkey has not yet officially commented on such a statement, however, this could seriously complicate relations between Ankara and Washington, especially against the background of the upcoming military operation of the Turkish military in northern Syria.

It should be clarified that earlier in Ankara it was stated that Turkey was not officially excluded from the F-35 fighter program, and therefore, the purchase of Russian combat aircraft, and we are talking about Su-35 and Su-57 fighters, is not yet relevant.

What was recalled in FIG - Turkey just bought С400 for the reason that the USA did not want to sell the Patriots to it. I hope that the USA will refuse to Turkey everything else - then the Turks will be able to buy the best weapons at a lower price!