Ben hodges


US refused to provide assistance to Ukraine in the event of Kiev unleashing aggression against Russia

Washington refused to stand up for Ukraine because of provocations against Russia.

After the commander of the Naval Forces of Ukraine announced the imminent start of a military campaign against Russia, the United States announced that because of the provocative and aggressive actions of Kiev, Washington would not provide assistance to the Ukrainian side. Other NATO members also oppose the confrontation with Moscow, including Germany, Turkey and a number of other countries.

“If a conflict arises between Russia and Ukraine, NATO will not intervene in it. This was stated by the former commander of the US Armed Forces in Europe, General Ben Hodges television channel TSN. According to him, this is due to the fact that Kiev is not a member of NATO. Another reason is the strong economic relations of some members of the alliance with Russia, in particular Germany and Turkey, who do not want to oppose Moscow. “Even my own president in the United States does not exert adequate pressure on the Kremlin,” Hodges said.- сообщает Russian information publication "".

Such a statement, obviously, will cool the ardor of Ukraine, which, in fact, announced the start of hostilities against Russia, in addition, the military alliance is aware that in the event of a confrontation with Russia, individual states will automatically be transferred to opponents of Russia, and this is very fraught with very painful consequences.

On the other hand, experts believe that the statement of the commander of the Ukrainian Navy is only a provocation, as Kiev realizes that it will not have enough strength to compete with Russia at the moment.

To provoke Russia into military action for the sake of possible dividends for the future? The current government of Ukraine is quite capable of this, being fully tied to the West. And what does an overseas uncle whisper to them, based on their geopolitical interests, must be clearly monitored and not delay in the event of a crisis!