Turkish Air Force


US refuses to sell F-16 fighters to Turkey

Turkey will be left without American F-16 fighters.

The United States denied the statements of the Turkish authorities that they allegedly offered Ankara to purchase F-35 fighters instead of F-16 fighters. As follows from the official report, against the background of the imposition of sanctions against Ankara for the acquisition of Russian S-400 complexes, as well as for supporting terrorist groups in Syria, at the moment the issue of selling F-16 fighters to Turkey should not be considered at all, although the US State Department has named Turkey's ally.

“The Department of State does not endorse or comment on proposed arms sales or transfers until officially notified by Congress. As for Turkey, we value very much our partnership with our NATO ally. Turkish officials have publicly acknowledged their interest in buying F-16 aircraft. The United States has not made any financial proposals for Turkey's request for the F-16. "- said the press secretary of the US State Department Ned Price.

Earlier, Ankara said that if the United States does not allow Turkey to purchase F-16 fighters, then the choice will be made in favor of the Russian Su-35 and Su-57 fighters. Given the current relationship between Moscow and Ankara, it is likely that Russia is also not interested in supplying Turkey with high-quality Russian weapons, especially given the fact that Turkey is a NATO member state and even expresses some kind of blatant aggression towards Russia and its allies.