US sends 72 more 88 AGM-2022 HARM missiles to Ukraine

The US military has sent at least 72 more AGM-88 HARM missiles to Ukraine.

The US military sent about a hundred cruise anti-radar missiles AGM-88 HARM to the territory of Ukraine. At the moment, it is known that we are talking about sending at least 36 containers with AGM-88 HARM missiles, each of which contains 2 cruise missiles. However, much more remarkable is another fact - in one of the photos that appeared on the network, you can see markings on the rocket, indicating that the rockets were produced in 2022. This indicates that cruise missiles were produced specifically for the needs of Ukraine.

At the moment, the exact number of AGM-88 HARM cruise missiles sent to Ukraine remains unknown, however, judging by the data of the Flightradar 24 and ADS-B Exchange resources, this aircraft has already arrived in Poland, neighboring Ukraine, where it delivered this cargo .

The supply of such a large number of missiles indicates the fact that Ukraine has a lot of aircraft capable of delivering strikes with these weapons, as well as the fact that the Ukrainian Air Force is actively using these weapons. At the same time, today there are no facts that allow us to assert the successful use of American anti-radar missiles.