US fighters send F-35 to fight the "Russian" in Syria

The United States decided to press Russia in Syria with F-35 fighters.

It became known that despite the withdrawal of the American fighter of the fifth generation F-22 from the Middle East, the fighter of the fifth generation F-35 was sent there. According to The Drive, this is primarily due to opposition to the Russian military presence in the region.

According to The Drive, the fifth generation of American fighters "Were regularly present in northeastern Syria, providing important support to US aviation and its coalition allies, and helping to intercept and drive away Syrian and Russian military aircraft that could threaten these forces".

The current presence of American F-35 fighter jets is due to the opposition of Russian electronic warfare systems, in order to collect data on air defense systems and radar.

Analysts, in turn, did not rule out that, due to the circumstances, Russia could also send more of its combat aircraft to Syria, including Su-35 fighters, which, at the moment, are 6 units in the SAR, and in the long run 57, which had previously successfully coped with the opposition of the fifth-generation American and Israeli fighters.

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