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US sends NSM and Harpoon coastal missile systems to Ukraine

The United States is arming Ukraine with Harpoon and NSM coastal missile systems to counter warships.

The United States will transfer to Ukraine, under the adopted Lend-Lease Law, a batch of Harpoon and NSM coastal missile systems capable of hitting targets at distances up to 260 kilometers. The data on this subject is voiced by the international news agency Reuters, noting that Washington is extremely serious.

“Three U.S. officials and two congressional sources said two types of high-powered anti-ship missiles, Boeing’s Harpoon and Kongsberg and Raytheon Technologies’ Naval Strike Missile, were under active consideration, either directly to Ukraine or via a transfer from a European ally. who has rockets", according to Reuters.

The coastal missile systems transferred to Ukraine will be delivered in a mobile coastal version. At the same time, the United States does not hide the fact that such weapons will be openly used to strike at warships, even if the latter do not show direct aggression.

A day earlier, the United Kingdom also announced the supply of anti-ship missiles to Ukraine - according to a number of assumptions, we are talking about the same Harpoon cruise anti-ship missiles.