The launch of missiles
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The United States has worked out a covert strike against the Russian Arctic and Siberia with dozens of JASSM-ER cruise missiles

The United States has practiced covert strikes against Russia with AGM-158B JASSM-ER cruise missiles.

During military exercises, the United States of America practiced covert attacks on Russian territory with AGM-158B JASSM-ER cruise missiles. The secrecy of the strikes was achieved due to the fact that the missile launches were carried out not by combat aircraft, but by specially designed versions of transport aircraft that are capable of mass launching long-range cruise missiles.

The AGM-158B JASSM-ER missiles pose a particular danger to Russia due to the fact that, due to their range, they may well reach Russian territory in the Arctic and even Siberia.

It is known that the carrier aircraft drops a special container with missiles, which are subsequently released for the required targets. In fact, this makes it possible for the United States to covertly attack almost any target with minimal threat to the aircraft.

“The Rapid Dragon program builds on existing aircraft as 'weapons trucks'. This, in turn, is intended to offer a way to increase the amount of available countermeasures. This method can be useful if the United States finds itself in a state of war, for example, with China or Russia. "- сообщает The Drive edition.

At the moment, there is information that the United States plans to export the AGM-158B JASSM-ER missiles themselves and carrier aircraft, which should, allegedly, create very serious problems for Russia.

where does this knowledge come from?
a chatterbox is a godsend for spies.

Our "Caliber-K" is a Russian containerized missile system housed in a standard 20- and 40-foot ISO container. They have been sailing all over the world on container ships for a long time and are waiting for the signal to launch.

from the Ross superjet (with additional tanks), you can also try to dump Kh-59MK2 cruise missiles from the cargo compartment

and how will you beat off a blow to Washington? This is not Iraq for you

This is the case when our military industry is simply obliged to copy the American idea. If a similar container for X-101 / X-102 cruise missiles with a range of at least 4500 km, dropped from a conventional Il-76 transporter, is created, then the US territory will be in the affected area upon departure from almost any airfield in Russia. Considering that the Kh-102 missiles have a powerful thermonuclear charge (which, incidentally, does not exist in the AGM-158B), Russia will have a significant advantage. It will be especially advantageous for us that, according to the rules for offsetting nuclear charges under the START-3 Treaty, one carrier aircraft is counted as just one warhead, regardless of the actual number of charges on it.