The United States voiced Russia's requirements for guarantees of its security - to return Crimea, leave Abkhazia and Transnistria

The United States voiced requirements for the draft treaty on security guarantees for Russia.

In response to the Russian draft of the Treaty with the United States and NATO on Russian security guarantees, US Ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul voiced American demands on the Russian side, which are absolutely unacceptable against the background of Moscow's fairly legitimate demands. As it became known, among the clauses of the Treaty, clauses appeared on the mandatory return of Crimea to Ukraine, the withdrawal of Russian troops from Abkhazia and Transnistria, the withdrawal of Iskander missiles from the Kaliningrad region, etc.

Paragraph 1. Russia undertakes to withdraw its troops from Moldova and restore the full sovereignty of this European country.

Clause 2. Russia agrees to withdraw its troops from Georgia, to renounce the recognition of Abkhazia and South Ossetia as independent states and to restore full sovereignty of Georgia.

Clause 3. Russia undertakes to withdraw its troops from the territory of Ukraine, return the Crimean peninsula to Ukraine, stop supporting the militia in Ukraine and ensure the restoration of the full sovereignty of this European country.

Clause 4. Russia pledges to withdraw Iskander OTRK from the Kaliningrad region.

It is quite obvious that the Russian side does not intend to support such demands and it is logical to assume that at the current stage there is no talk of concluding any agreements, however, on the other hand, the deployment of almost 200 thousand army of the RF Armed Forces near the borders of Ukraine and NATO countries is a good reminder to the Alliance and Washington that tensions will only continue to escalate in this case.

Earlier, the Russian Foreign Ministry said that if the United States and NATO refuse to provide any guarantees to Russia, a military response will follow, although it is not known what exactly this should mean.


Ears from a dead donkey. Or a donut hole.
Now we have our hands untied (I hope) and we can calmly bomb or send troops like Israel. Start with a dam that blocks the canal. This will be the 1st warning that we are not bluffing.
We just gave water to people ...

Now Russia must recognize Abkhazia, Ossetia, Transnistria, Donbass as independent states and accept them into the CSTO.

There is no way to restore Libya and Iraq is not enough ... let them return to Mexico what they took away ...


Correctly noted. As the supreme one thinks

The United States must assemble Yugoslavia within the 1998 borders. Rebuild Iraq, Libya, Syria, Afghanistan

And the muzzle will not crack from such a wish. Look for weaklings in another region.

In short, things are heading for war. NATO and America want it. You just have to be smarter this time! And not wait like it was in 1941.

That's right!

This "Agreement" was originally designed to be canceled, it is important what follows.

still to come ...

Who is McFaul? Is this the former ambassador to Obama or what? He is now a political scientist. It's like listening to Zurabov.

Now the US will receive a Russian response to the statement. From which the Yankees can have a childish surprise ...

We didn't authorize McFaul to make such stupid statements! Therefore, we disavow these statements.

Zadornov even underestimated the Americans ... They are even stupider! How can the Russian Federation restore the sovereignty of the listed countries if, since the collapse of the USSR, it is completely under the control of the United States and local corrupt officials lured by Soros like Maya So Sandu ...

This is a business approach.

You never know what the Yankees want from Russia. We want them to leave America to the Indians.

Great news. Here are the Westerners and got caught. Now they will be poured into them on New Year's Eve. I think a battalion group of Minister Lavrov, his deputy, will go in front. Ryabkov, Maria Zakharova under the command of Colonel (and Doctor of Science) Zhirinovsky.

It was clear that the reaction would be exactly that and the Yankees would not talk about any of their safety - they believed that they would sit out, if anything, at home, and on the other ... "partners" they "do not care from the high bell tower" .. ...

When you voice your Wishlist, study at least the materiel - McFaul has not been the US ambassador to Russia for two years.

It would be nice for the Americans to set additional points of requirements for the Russian proposals, namely:
Return the southern states of the modern United States to Mexico, and Alaska and California to Russia.

Russia's response will require an increase in the US national debt at times. Well, the discount rate. Choose BLM.

Absolutely expected position.

It is strange that there is no point to return Kaliningrad and the Kuriles.

This is the same as Russia demanded: Give freedom to Texas as an independent state, return California to Mexico. Alaska of the Russian Empire, since the money for the "sale and did not receive", give freedom to the Hawaiian Islands, demand to leave all the islands that the United States captured during before and after World War II, in the Pacific and Indian oceans, return Kosovo to Serbia, remove the missile defense system "from Romania and Poland, get out of Greenland, as the ecology of the Arctic suffers, take nuclear bombs from Europe to the US territory, etc. the list goes on and on."

Agree with enemies? You need to do your job. And not we with them, but they should negotiate with us.