US deploys four B-52 strategic bombers to Russian borders

The United States will deploy strategic bombers near the borders with Russia.

The United States intends to place its B-52 strategic bombers right next to the Russian borders. It is known that in the coming days from the United States to Europe should arrive four of american strategic bombers, which, in advance, will have to be placed at a military air base in the UK. This points to the fact that Washington and NATO countries are preparing for an escalation with Russia.

At the moment, the news agency has information that American B-52 strategic bombers will be deployed to Europe from Minot Air Force Base. It is noteworthy that we are not talking about any special exercises, but about a special strengthening of the military alliance. This implies the fact that the presence of bombers in the region will be very long.

The United States notes that the transfer of B-52 bombers to Europe is carried out as part of the forward presence mission. This indicates the fact that the United States is preparing provocations with the use of these bombers against Russia, in particular, it has been suggested that the US Air Force intends to defiantly send these aircraft to the Black Sea region in order to demonstrate its presence.


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