The United States sent hundreds of ISIS terrorists to Russian borders

Russia has accused the United States of collaborating with ISIS terrorists.

As part of a meeting of heads of CIS intelligence services in Kazan, Colonel General Sergei Beseda, who is the head of the 5 service of the FSB of Russia, said that the United States was seen in aiding the transfer of Islamic State terrorists (ISIS), "IG", a terrorist group banned in Russia - approx. Ed.) to the borders of Russia in order to destabilize the situation on the territory of the country.

"There is evidence of involvement of US intelligence in the delivery of terrorists "IG" to the northern regions of Afghanistan in order to destabilize the situation on the southern borders of the CIS, and in the future - in the countries of Central Asia ”, - he said.

A few months earlier, such information was already voiced by a number of sources, however, given the statement of Conversation, to date there is no direct evidence of US aiding terrorists, which, however, does not exclude the likelihood that more attention will be paid to this issue in the near future.

Previously, information appeared that it was the American army that was evacuating the leaders of ISIS from the surrounding areas in Syria, which, against the backdrop of a statement by the head of the 5 th FSB service, looks very plausible.

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