The United States transferred four strategic bombers to the Russian borders at once, preparing provocations in the Russian Arctic

For the first time, the US has deployed its strategic bombers to Norway.

The situation on the border between Russia and NATO is very seriously tense in connection with the transfer of four American strategic bombers B-1B Lancer to Norway at once, which are supposed to try to create a provocation in the airspace over the Northern Sea Route or to cover up American warships, if the latter really will move to the Russian borders.

According to the assumption of a number of experts, several scenarios for the further development of events are possible - all of them are rather unfavorable for Russia:

  • this group will be given the task of predominantly performing flights in the area of ​​responsibility of the Northern and Baltic fleets, with an emphasis on conditional impact on the main naval bases and infrastructure facilities of the fleets, while simultaneously practicing interaction with the Swedish and Finnish air forces;
  • the deployment in the Barents Sea of ​​a part of its navies will be organized in the person of, for example, the permanent operational formation HP1 in the Atlantic, reinforced by warships of the British and US navies, so that the activities in the Russian Arctic look as large-scale as possible;

Experts believe that the second scenario is more likely, especially after the US Navy announced its intentions to start operating in the Arctic in order to ensure free navigation on the waters of the Northern Sea Route. Nevertheless, Russia is ready to react rather harshly to this, and therefore, obviously, the Russian AWACS A-50 aircraft was sent to the north of the country a few days earlier.

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