Russian military


US has deployed strategic missile carriers to Russian northern borders

US strategic missile carriers have been deployed near Russian borders.

A few hours ago, three American strategic missile carriers B-1B Lancer were transferred from the United States to the Norwegian military airbase Erland. Initially, it was assumed that we are talking about four strategic bombers, however, as it turned out later, only three strategic missile carriers landed on the territory of Norway.

This is not just about the temporary deployment of American strategic bombers B-1B Lancer in Norway, but about the deployment of the latter here on a permanent basis, which implies an increase in the number of provocations from the United States and NATO near the northern Russian borders, especially after the recent statements by Washington about intentions to knock Russia out of the Arctic, ensuring freedom of navigation here.

Russia, in turn, is ready to respond to any provocation from the United States, including the destruction of any aircraft that violated the Russian border, regardless of whether it was just a mistake, whether the violation was deliberate, as evidenced by the deployment of anti-aircraft weapons by the Russian military. defense and additional forces of fighter aircraft of the Russian Aerospace Forces.

I agree.

They do not feel sorry for either Washington or Oslo. And other Warsaw ...

there is only a little left to do ... it is necessary that one accidentally crashed ... the turbulence is great in the northern latitudes.

Oh, how many))))) .... we were all "scared"