The United States has deployed dozens of fighters to Poland

On Monday, several dozen American fighters were deployed to Poland. According to information provided by the European Command of the US Armed Forces, the redeployment of the US Air Force combat aviation was carried out as part of an exercise.

The arrival of American fighters in Poland delighted, first of all, the Minister of Defense of the republic, Mariusz Blaszczak, who has always advocated an increase in the American military presence on its territory.

The minister wrote on Twitter that the US Air Force is practicing the operational transfer of aviation in the European region using Polish airfields.

It is not difficult to guess against whom such maneuvers are being carried out, if Polish airfields are located in close proximity to Russian territory. Moreover, all the US statements about "strengthening the security" of the states of Eastern Europe are directed against Russia.

In total, several dozen F-15 and F-16 fighters were sent to Poland, their exact number has not been specified.

The appearance of such a number of military aircraft in Poland made Kiev happy, hoping for US help in "containing Russia's aggression", but the Pentagon dispelled all illusions. The spokesman for the US Department of Defense, John Kirby, said that the transfer of aircraft is just an exercise, and not a US response to the situation around Ukraine.

The duration of the stay of the aircraft on the territory of Poland is currently unknown.