Military in Syria


US sends 40 additional armored vehicles to Syria

The United States is preparing for a confrontation in northern Syria and the creation of new military bases.

Against the background of the expected attack by the Turkish army on the northern part of Syria, where the forces of the US-controlled Syrian Democratic Forces and American military bases are located, it became known that the American army had deployed 40 additional armored vehicles to the territory of the Arab Republic.

At the moment, it is known that we are talking mainly about armored personnel carriers and armored vehicles. Nevertheless, such a transfer doubled the American military presence, in terms of the amount of military equipment. This creates the risk that new powerful military clashes should be expected on the territory of the Arab Republic. Moreover, there is a serious risk that the US military may obtain permission from the Syrian Kurds to establish military bases and checkpoints in northern Syria, which will thereby significantly crowd out the presence of the Russian military and the Syrian army.

Earlier, Turkey announced that it had decided to give Russia and the United States the last chance to withdraw Kurdish forces from Syria, and after the allotted time, the military operation itself would begin - Ankara does not consider the issue of completely abandoning it.


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