US to give Ukraine 36 medium-range air defense missile systems

Ukraine will receive 36 NASAMS launchers from the US.

Despite speculation that Washington planned to transfer two NASAMS-2 SAM batteries to Ukraine, it became known that in reality, we are talking about the transfer of three NASAMS-2 SAM batteries to Kyiv. Taking into account the fact that in one battery of NASAMS anti-aircraft missile systems there are 12 mobile launchers, radar facilities and a combat control vehicle, in total Ukraine will receive 36 mobile launchers, which theoretically allows simultaneously repelling an attack with 216 missiles.

The simultaneous deployment of three batteries of NASAMS-2 anti-aircraft missile systems can significantly enhance Ukraine's air defense capabilities. At the same time, in August, Ukrainian troops can already receive German IRIS-T anti-aircraft missile systems, which are capable of hitting targets at medium distances.

To date, NASAMS-2 anti-aircraft missile systems have never been used in combat conditions. This casts great doubt on their effectiveness, however, experts note that even if the effectiveness of these air defense systems is 50%, then Kyiv will have more chances to repel attacks on military facilities of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, especially taking into account the deployment of three batteries at once.