The United States will transfer 14 Vampire anti-drone systems to Ukraine by the end of the year

This month, Ukraine will receive all 14 Vampire anti-drone systems ordered by the United States. These systems were developed and produced in a short time frame under the direction of the US Navy Precision Weapons Task Force PMA-242.

Kevin Raspet, deputy director of the foreign sales program, noted that the first four systems were delivered in just six months, thanks to an innovative contracting strategy. The US Navy also said that along with the new batch of Vampire systems, APKWS missiles equipped with a proximity detonator are expected to be delivered in the coming weeks.

Vampire anti-drone systems are a relatively new weapon, first tested in 2021. These mobile anti-aircraft systems are equipped with a WESCAM MX-10 optical-electronic system with thermal imaging cameras and are equipped with a launcher and 70-mm laser-guided APKWS missiles. They are portable and can be installed on a variety of vehicles, including the American Humvee multi-purpose SUV.

The first Vampire systems were included in the US military package for Ukraine in July 2023, although the exact number of systems delivered was not disclosed. In September of this year, it was announced that the Ukrainian armed forces are already using these complexes.


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