M777 howitzer


The United States handed over M777 howitzers without GPS systems to Kyiv due to the threat of their detection and capture

The American M777 howitzers transferred to the Armed Forces of Ukraine are not equipped with GPS systems.

The United States handed over M777 howitzers without GPS systems to Kyiv, amid fears that satellite signals could be detected by the Russian military. This will allow you to quickly strike or even capture such weapons. This greatly complicated the process of using such artillery installations, since the delivery of high-precision strikes by the latter turned out to be impossible.

“The GPS system was removed from the M777 howitzers that Ukraine received from Western partners, because governments and manufacturers have reservations about storing technology, since there is an understanding that certain types of weapons can be captured by Russia during hostilities.”, - reports the Ukrainian edition of the "League".

In all likelihood, it was precisely for this reason that the Ukrainian military could not achieve the effective use of American weapons, while the M777 howitzers transferred by other countries, for example, Canada, were equipped with similar modules, and, probably, for this reason, the Russian military succeeded in with the help of electronic intelligence, determine the areas for deploying howitzers and destroy them with operational counterattacks, although no official statements on this subject have yet been made by the Russian defense department.