US donates 250% more armored vehicles to Lebanon than to Ukraine

Lebanon received 150 HMMWV armored vehicles for free use from the United States.

Despite the fact that a very serious confrontation between Israel and Lebanon is currently expected, it has become known that the Pentagon has provided the Lebanese army with 150 HMMWV armored vehicles for free use. This is 250% more than the number of armored vehicles that the United States provided to Ukraine, which caused obvious discontent in Kyiv.

At the moment, it is known that the United States, contrary to the requirements of Israel, is arming the Lebanese army with armored vehicles. We are not talking about the supply of several units of this equipment, but about hundreds of vehicles that can be used, including against Israel. At the same time, apart from Israel, the actions of the United States are also criticized in Kyiv, where they are dissatisfied with the fact that the United States provided Ukraine with only 60 units of armored vehicles (according to other sources, about 80 units), referring to the fact that the Ukrainian army needs such equipment much more.

Washington has not yet commented on the transfer of HMMWV armored vehicles to Lebanon, however, portable anti-aircraft missile systems, anti-tank systems and machine guns may well be installed on the latter.


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