The United States has transferred a large number of TOW anti-tank missiles to Ukraine

It became known about the transfer of a large number of American anti-tank missiles to the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

Despite the fact that earlier the American side did not report that the US TOW anti-tank missile systems would be provided to Ukraine, the Ukrainian Armed Forces soldier posted a video showing “Biden's gift”. Taking into account the statement of the Ukrainian fighter, the weapons were transferred to Ukraine only a few months ago - it is assumed that they were delivered by the American C-130s that had previously arrived in Ukraine, as the news agency already reported a few days ago.

In the video footage presented, a Ukrainian soldier shows a TOW anti-tank missile system delivered from the United States, although neither Kiev nor Washington reported such arms deliveries. However, earlier there was some information that the United States could provide the Ukrainian Armed Forces with its TOW ATGM systems to fight the forces of the self-proclaimed Donetsk and Luhansk People's Republics, but such information was not of an official nature.

Apparently, we can talk about the transfer of about a hundred such ATGMs to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, however, due to the lack of official statements, such a figure cannot be taken as accurate.

"The Armed Forces of Ukraine can use American ATGMs except for striking the fortifications of the forces of the self-proclaimed republics, since heavy armored vehicles are not used in the border area.", - the expert marks.

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