M1117 armored personnel carriers


The United States transfers armored vehicles capable of crossing the Dnieper to the Armed Forces of Ukraine

The United States is supplying the Armed Forces with equipment for crossing the Dnieper.

The US military has begun supplying Ukraine with special military equipment that can cross the Dnieper. At the moment, it is known that we are talking not only about high-speed boats, but also about armored personnel carriers capable of overcoming water barriers, including the Dnieper. This may indicate that Kyiv and Washington are preparing an attack on the left bank of the Dnieper, although neither the direction of the attack nor its time is yet known.

It is known that in addition to the supply of high-speed boats to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the United States has already begun sending M1117 amphibious armored personnel carriers to Ukraine. The latter are able to overcome various kinds of water barriers and may well be used by the Armed Forces of Ukraine to force the Dnieper, as well as rivers in a number of other directions.

The Finnish amphibious armored personnel carriers XA-180 Sisu, previously put into service with the Armed Forces of Ukraine, played an important role in the operational deployment of Ukrainian troops in the Kherson region. This does not exclude the possibility that Kyiv will try to implement a similar scheme in other areas, which causes quite serious concern.


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