US scared by a mysterious object in the sky over Russia

A mysterious object in the sky over the Amur Region frightened the United States.

The American media published a video in which a mysterious object can be seen over the Amur Region, leaving a large tail behind it. This scared ordinary Americans. Apparently, we are talking about testing an unknown missile, however, it is likely that the missile was launched from a nearby region, which raised a number of questions.

In the video footage presented, you can see an object forming a large cloud with a tail, which is typical for ballistic missile tests. Nevertheless, in the video frames, you can see that we are talking not just about the cloud, but also about the object itself. This allows us to assert that a ballistic missile was launched from the territory of neighboring regions.

The published video quite scared ordinary American readers, who began to build a variety of theories on this score, believing that we are talking about a UFO, a space object burned up in the planet's atmosphere, tests of the latest Russian secret aircraft, etc.

To date, there is an assumption that we can talk about testing a Russian aeroballistic hypersonic missile from the ARC "Dagger", however, there are no official comments on this from the Russian defense department so far.

I watched such a trail from rockets launched from Plesetsk back in the 70s, what's new that the Americans were afraid of?



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