The United States took to the skies 4 aircraft of the communications control system during a nuclear war

The TACAMO system has been activated in the USA.

The US Department of Defense has decided to activate the TACAMO system. This system is intended for use in a nuclear war to maintain communication between the command that makes decisions on delivering strategic and tactical nuclear strikes and the triad of strategic nuclear delivery systems. This indicates either the preparation by the Pentagon of forces for delivering nuclear strikes, or the development of such tasks.

Such actions on the part of the United States cause very serious concern, especially if we take into account the provocations staged by the United States because of Ukraine. However, a number of sources claim that we are talking about planned US and Israeli strikes on Iran, since a few days ago, the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps of Iran allowed an attack on the American embassy in Erbil and eliminated a group of Israeli generals by firing 12 ballistic missiles into Iraq.

The Pentagon has not yet commented on what the activation of the TACAMO system is connected with. At the same time, the US defense department does not comment on questions about whether such actions are training, however, four American aircraft coordinating work in a nuclear war were indeed lifted into the air.

Specialists draw attention, among other things, to the fact that additional American tanker aircraft have recently been deployed to Europe, which may well be also related to the current situation.


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