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USA conquers the Arctic: a tender for a new all-terrain vehicle launched

This year, the US Army will begin testing new Arctic all-terrain vehicles as part of an announced tender for the purchase of equipment for operation in northern conditions. According to information provided by the portal, all-terrain vehicles will be tested at a test site in Alaska.

Earlier, the combat support and support service had already signed contracts for the supply of prototypes from two bidders: Oshkosh Defense companies in cooperation with Engineering and BAE Hagglunds, a subsidiary of BAE System.

The terms of the tender indicated that the new all-terrain vehicle should provide transportation in "extreme cold weather conditions" for up to nine personnel, urgently evacuate the wounded and serve as a cargo platform or command vehicle.

Bidders must submit prototypes during the second quarter of this year, and to be exact - by June 14th. Testing of the supplied equipment will take place in Alaska in low temperatures at a special test site from August to December 2021.

The winner will be announced in the third quarter of 2022, after which the serial production of the selected all-terrain vehicles will be launched. At the moment, they are going to purchase 110 all-terrain vehicles with the possibility of increasing the number of vehicles to 163.

The new all-terrain vehicle will be delivered to the US Army to replace the Arctic vehicles of the SUSV units, which are a version of the Swedish articulated vehicle Hägglunds Bv 206. The obsolete Arctic all-terrain vehicles will be decommissioned from 2023.

The Pentagon said that the US army needs new Arctic all-terrain vehicles to confront China and Russia in the region. It is noted that the new technology will allow the United States to increase its presence in the Arctic and neutralize the dominance of Russia and China.

It's easier to ride in the cold than in muddy roads. :)