The United States asked Turkey to blockade Russia in the Black Sea in exchange for surrendering the northern regions of Syria to Ankara

The US and Turkey are discussing blocking the Bosphorus for Russian warships.

Russian warships may be blocked in the waters of the Black Sea against the background of Washington's proposal to unconditionally and unhindered surrender large areas in northern Syria under the control of the Turkish military. In exchange, Washington asks Turkey to block Russian warships in the Black Sea, probably through a ban on the passage of the Bosphorus.

At the moment, the information is unconfirmed, however, it is known that Washington and Ankara are indeed conducting some kind of negotiations on the northern part of Syria and on countering Russia within the framework of NATO.

"Information is spreading in Turkish social networks, according to which the United States has offered the Turkish leadership to cede a number of areas in northern Syria in order to persuade Turkey to cooperate more actively against Russia in the Black Sea."- said Iranian journalist Khayal Muazzin.

It is noteworthy that earlier in the Turkish press there were already statements that Turkey could support Ukraine by blocking the Bosphorus. In fact, this can become a very big problem for the Russian Black Sea Fleet, which will simply be blocked in the Black and Azov Seas.

As part of the latest NATO exercises in the Black Sea, Turkish Navy ships also took part in them, which also practiced military operations against Russia.

It is a pity that now there is no one like Gromyko (

My friend, you confused God's gift with scrambled eggs. Russia is not the USSR

And Turkey is not afraid that there will be a lake in the place of their capital, and the Bosphorus will become Russian ???

Turkey once explained through the mouth of Gromyko that if our fleet was blocked in the Black Sea, it would have to significantly expand the Bosphorus and make Istanbul Constantinople again.

So they, for a long time, announced this!

Yes, the World Cup fleet of the Russian Federation and from the Black Sea can make a rustle. Rockets fly far!)

Then the Turkish fleet will sail only in the Sea of ​​Marmara!
Actually, it's a FAKE!

Information spreads in social networks ... This, of course, is a reliable source. I believe in all 100500. The Turks, with all their desire, will not dare to do this, they are right next to us. It is easy for America to discuss the situation with the Bosphorus. Well, nothing, we will reach the Americans too, if necessary.

Yes Yes Yes.
Come on guys.
Turkish vegetables and fruits have already begun to rot in trailers on the Russian border, the lira is below the baseboard, come on Erdogash, the Turks will soon remove you themselves. As our military said during the Soviet Union, two or three nuclear missiles and we will lay a new Bosphorus through Turkey, parallel to the old one.

Or the Stalin Strait between Mexico and Canada ...

It was a long time ago. Other people fought, other countries and other rulers were in the country

Admir Ushakov must have been forgotten by the Turks

Here is the CASE!

Or we will swim in the Black Sea and further and pretend that we are well here and here.

The Turkish gut has always been thin, even more so now. They have no meaning, no rights, no opportunities. Senseless, unconfirmed statements from Turkish social networks. Rave.

If you delve into that puddle, which is called the history of Turkey, you can immediately understand that no matter how they bark from their shores, they will not do anything like that.

Turks are the most vicious and corrupt nation on earth. But they are also cowards, so now they will promise from three boxes, and then they will throw the Americans.

For a long time already, Russia had to take the Bosphorus under its jurisdiction ..

As soon as the Turks do this, it is, in fact, a declaration of war on Russia. Here is one of the options, or new straits will appear or Constantinople will be ours, along with the straits.

Ankara will not agree to this. It will be an armed conflict with Turkey. And she, by the way, is a member of NATO. But Turkey is still sane. So this is a proposal or fake or stupidity on the part of the United States.

I don’t know about our current leadership, but in Soviet times, blocking the Bosphorus was tantamount to declaring war with an immediate nuclear strike.

The Russian-Turkish wars did not teach us anything !!! (((

One grandmother said ...

USA and decency are incompatible concepts, in their culture there is no such concept.

And who will expand it, you ..., our leadership is not able to drag anyone in, not to mention serious countries.

We continue to build a nuclear power plant at our own expense, we continue .. we are not distracted

I never cease to be amazed! What a stupid leadership these countries have !!

Well, the Turks need to think, otherwise it may happen that the strait is a bit ... widen and they will not have to dig the second one, which Erdogan was going to "dig" ...

The United States asked Turkey to blockade Russia in the Black Sea in exchange for surrendering the northern regions of Syria to Ankara! If this is true, - the States have stepped over not only the RIGHT, but also the elementary norms of decency!

Under Gromyko, the Turks would not even have hinted at such a blockade, because he promised them to arrange another strait, on the site of Istanbul ...

They will soon declare that the Crimea is also Turkish.