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The United States tried to stage a provocation against a Russian civilian aircraft according to the MH17 scenario

The incident with the Aeroflot passenger plane was a US provocation.

The recent incident off the Black Sea coast of Russia, when an American military anti-submarine patrol aircraft staged a provocation near the Black Sea coast of Russia, approaching an Aeroflot passenger aircraft and thereby hiding behind a civilian airliner from Russian air defense systems, became a US provocation. According to Russian military experts, the Pentagon may well seek a situation similar to flight MH17, when a civilian passenger airliner was shot down by air defenses.

According to Russian military pilot Vladimir Popov, the dangerous flights of American military aircraft near the Russian borders are designed to ensure that the Russian military can make a mistake, for example, by using weapons. This would subsequently allow Russia to be accused of destroying a civilian airliner according to the scenario with flight MH17 in the Donbass.

A few days ago, journalists from the news agency drew attention to the fact that an American military aircraft made a strange maneuver near the Russian borders, moving in a direction perpendicular to the movement of the Moscow-Antalya passenger flight in order to get as close as possible. As soon as the aircraft courses crossed, the American aircraft began to turn around and did not appear in the area again.

“It is very strange that the world did not react to such an incident, which has become far from the only one. Such provocations by the United States should be stopped, because due to the actions of the United States there is a threat to several hundred passengers., - notes the specialist

Become specially written with a hidden suggestion, allegedly MX17 was shot down by Russia. I have been studying hypnosis for a long time, and I often see such tricks of hidden suggestions.

Naive, there is a war, what are the rules. This is a war of annihilation and all means are good.

The Russian Federation tried to arrange a provocation by putting a civilian aircraft under fire

what he wanted is unknown, but everyone can invent fables.

And who was hiding behind the Boeing MH17?
Here is another manual - on covering yourself with a human shield, which is successfully used by the brave Americans, cunning Israelis and others ....

The situation cannot be called similar to the Boeing MH-17, only because the plane was shot down by the Ukrainians there deliberately in order to blame Russia and impose sanctions



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