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The United States advised Britain to bomb Russia with cluster bombs

In the United States, they advised Britain to bomb Russia with cluster bombs.

The American side, considering the possibility of a theoretical Russian invasion of Europe, which, by the way, does not have a single basis, gave Britain another stupid advice, proposing to bomb Russia with cluster munitions. The reason for doubts about the profitability of such a strategy is the fact that in the event of British aggression, fighters and bombers of the British Air Force will be shot down for tens and hundreds of kilometers, while cluster munitions themselves are in service with the Royal Air Force of the United Kingdom.

“Without the appropriate ammunition [cluster bombs - approx. Ed.] British troops will simply be incapacitated, disarmed, and thus completely defeated by Russian forces. ”, - reported in the report "The National Interest".

Thus, today the United States recognizes the fact that Russia with 100% probability can defeat the UK in the event of a military conflict, and according to some analysts, for a complete victory over the UK, in the case of the slightest aggression from the latter, Russia may need only only a few days.

“Even if we do not consider the use of nuclear weapons, modern Russian weapons allow the Russian military to destroy British air defense and missile defense systems in a few hours, and it will take a few more days for the British army to suffer a crushing defeat and surrender”, - the analyst notes.

and you show the Britons the movie penal battalion so that their eyes slid to the ground with pink glasses

In the case of an attempt by England to bomb Russian territories, not only the whole of Great Britain will be immediately destroyed, but also Brussels as the headquarters of NATO, all the headquarters of the command and control of troops around the world, the first is the Pentagon, the white house with Washington together, and then on the list.

But first you need to evacuate the British from the islands to the Sahara, and then try to bomb Russia. Why in the Sahara, you ask, and I will answer, because in the Sahara they too will die. And what's the difference where? But they will look at the desert, otherwise all the water, fog and the Thames are longing.