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The United States demanded to declare a blockade of Russia in the Black Sea

The General of the US Armed Forces demanded to start a large-scale blockade of Russia in the waters of the Black Sea.

General of the US Armed Forces Ben Hodges, who previously commanded the US ground forces in Europe, demanded a large-scale blockade of Russia in the waters of the Black Sea.

The discontent of the American general was primarily caused by the fact that the Russians are doing badly to the American aircraft and navy that appear in the waters of the Black Sea. Moreover, according to the US Navy, such an increase in pressure on Russia will significantly strengthen NATO in the region.

“The US must also be a part of this, we must take measures that would make the commander of the Black Sea Fleet feel very uncomfortable. For example, in his illegal base in Sevastopol, ”Hodges said.

Experts note that Washington is unlikely to heed the demands of the former commander, since the United States does not have such power in the region, while Russia will obviously strengthen its opposition to any threats to national interests.

“The United States does not have the ability to block Russian ships in the waters of the Black Sea. Unlike the United States, Russia is ready to give a very harsh response even to the slightest provocation, and this will await the United States and the allies of this country, in the event of the slightest hint of a threat, ”the specialist emphasizes.

The main thing is to crow, maybe someone will notice. Even he himself knows that he is simply shaking the air.

So "except for" Desert Storm "..." .. it was bought from the generals of Saddam's. Those. it is not a "victory". Rather Trabant. :)

declaring a blockade is like declaring war

Well, since a land general demands a naval blockade, then it is understandable why the United States has not won a single war at sea, except for Desert Storm.

This, Napoleon, thinks a lot, he forgot where his country is, it's time to send and not listen to this BAZAAR!

It seems to me that if the Russian Federation begins exercises in the Black Sea, and even with the use of dashing pilots with electronic warfare, then not only will the cook lose its crews, but the US Navy will also lose face and staff of this group

"Russia is ready to give a very tough answer" !? Is bulk a "tough answer"? Rather, it is stupidity. Because the Russian Federation does not have that many ships for bulk.
Or an example of a "tough response" for almost 10 hours on the radio to beg the Banderaites to move away from the Kerch bridge ?! So this is a profanation of a "hard answer".