The United States demanded that the Kurds hand over the Syrian Manbij under the control of Turkish troops

The United States demanded that the Kurds leave Manbij and hand it over to Turkish control.

Against the backdrop of Ankara's approaching offensive operation in northern Syria, the United States of America demanded that the Kurds, without any preconditions, transfer the city of Manbij and its environs to the control of the Turkish army. The United States emphasized that if the Kurds refuse to fulfill such a condition, Washington will not provide any support to the Kurdish formations, including those supported by the American side.

“A military source from the YPG (People's Protection Units) reports that the American delegation has offered to hand over the city of Manbij to Turkey and the SNA in order to protect the YPG-controlled areas east of the Euphrates from a major Turkish military operation. The delegation that is still in the city will tour the city and meet with representatives of the YPG civil administration.", Turkish resources report.

Earlier, Turkey stated that Manbij and Tel Rifat are the main targets of the Turkish military operation in northern Syria, however, such behavior by the United States raised a number of questions. According to experts, Washington's calls to surrender Manbij to the Turkish army may be related to the agreements between the United States and Turkey on granting NATO membership to Sweden and Finland, since the American side previously supported the Kurds, however, over the past few weeks, it has dramatically changed its position on this issue. .