Launching a cruise missile


The USA demanded that Russia abandon the development of the nuclear "Petrel" and "Poseidon"

In the United States, they criticized Russian weapons with nuclear power plants, demanding that they be banned.

Because of US powerlessness to confront the Russian Burevestnik cruise missiles and the Poseidon submarine drone (both types of weapons are equipped with nuclear power plants - ed.), Washington demanded that Russia abandon these weapons, calling it “terrible” and forcing the world to ban Russia from developing these weapons.

A few months ago, the United States actively ridiculed Russian armaments with nuclear power plants, saying that it was nothing more than a fiction, but, obviously, having received intelligence, Washington realized that Russia was not joking at all and was already approaching the final stage of development of this weapons. The US is hinting that the Russian Burevestnik cruise missiles and the Poseidon nuclear submarine drones violate the Strategic Offensive Arms Treaty, although these weapons do not fall under any of the clauses of the agreement, which forces Russia to give Washington another refusal.

“The production of Russian missiles of the Skyfall (Petrel - approx. Ed.) And Poseidon (Poseidon - approx. Ed.) Projects should be stopped. This was stated by the Special Representative of the US President for Arms Control Marshall Billingsley. He did not argue that it was these missiles that caused the increase in radiation levels in Sweden, but said that both Petrel and Poseidon were “terrible” developments. "Regardless of whether they are responsible for the latest incident, Russia should postpone these projects," Billingsley tweeted. "- сообщает publication "".

Russia, in turn, stated that increasing the level of radiation in Europe is not related to testing new weapons, and since the latter does not fall under the ban, the US’s arguments are empty.

The same weapons were developed both in the USSR and in the USA, but it was decided to refuse to accept them because of the danger of these weapons to the environment of their own land. When flying, such missiles emit a huge amount of radiation. Yes, and during the test there is a risk of death of developers. Well, on radars, this missile will be visible at a glance, which means that destroying it will not be difficult, no matter how it maneuvers. Modern missile defense systems have long been able to work on dynamic goals. So what Russia is doing is a relic of the past. The technological groundwork of the Soviet Union is ending, but in Russia they haven’t come up with anything new and are not able to come up with thieves with the current government.

Now, if mass production would also be established, otherwise many plants would simply not exist, while others would simply be looted.

I live in Russia and I don’t smile at walking under the radioactive fallout of some kind of rocket. And considering what terrible stuffing was at the vote, our authorities believe just silly.