US warns Israel not to intervene in conflict with Iran over its new missiles

New Iranian missiles threaten Israel and there is no defense against them.

The head of the US Military Intelligence Directorate issued a statement in which he warned the Israeli side about the need to de-escalate the situation with Iran, since the Islamic Republic has received new missiles, which are not only highly accurate, and the complexes are highly mobile, but also Israeli air defense / missile defense systems simply will not be able to.

According to the American side, the information that the Israel Defense Forces have at their disposal does little to coincide with reality, and in recent years Iran has significantly strengthened its defense by various means of destruction. Moreover, the Iranian military may be armed with thousands of cruise and ballistic missiles, which the anti-missile defense of the Jewish state cannot even physically repel at the same time.

Considering the statement made by the head of the US Military Intelligence Directorate, Washington not only fears possible clashes between Israel and Iran, but also expresses confidence that Iran can easily destroy Israeli troops, especially since Russia can provide assistance to the Islamic republic in this region as one from their allies, for example, by providing operational data on the flights of Israeli Air Force fighters.

Don't mess with the Persians when they reached Greece ...

Why are you lying? Itzhak Rabin told you this

Liquid, and who framed the Russian military plane?

Israeli bots "were pushing a locomotive with something in a friendly crowd." Apparently they did not expect the US allies to sprinkle pepper under their tail.

In my opinion, you are poorly informed, the latest raids show 90% of Israeli missiles shot down

Israel will enter the battle soon - and the third world article-forecast "Count the number of the beast" will begin on Samizdat, where the war should already go on from October 3-6.

missiles probably armenian ultro hyper sound invisible bstray gazelle with almond eyes asvalto stacker aromoiran.

Do not underestimate the enemy, Russia is holding back Iran, but patience may run out and so 700 pieces will open in Haifa within 10 minutes and the iron dome will shoot down 300 missiles, and 400 will destroy both Haifa and the Western Wall! Why is this?

However, while all the raids on Syria end in the complete destruction of Iranian facilities, and the Iranians and Syrians cannot even detect the attackers

Naturally, Russia will help "friendly" Iran, as it helps all "worthy" terrorist states - Syria, Hezbollah, embraces Hamas - no matter that every fifth in Israel is a citizen of the Russian Federation. But these countries buy weapons from the Russian Federation! Double standard!

Where has it been seen that a wild Persian could defeat an intelligent Jew. If this happens, then nothing will remain of Iran. This is what I am telling you. And Lenin told me.



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