US ships in the Arctic


The United States presented Russia with territorial claims to the Taimyr Peninsula and announced increased pressure on Russian borders

The United States decided to make a very serious provocation against Russia in the Arctic.

Washington went into a territorial conflict with Russia, for the first time presenting some claims to the Russian Taimyr Peninsula. According to the United States, at the moment this region is the most important flank of NATO, and therefore, military pressure on Russia should be exerted precisely here.

“According to the press service of the Northern Fleet (Northern Fleet), a large anti-submarine ship Severomorsk, large landing ships Alexander Otrakovsky and Kondopoga, a sea minesweeper Vladimir Gumanenko, a rescue tugboat Pamir, a large sea the tanker "Sergei Osipov", the support vessel KIL-143 and the icebreaker "Ilya Muromets". The ships are concentrated at least up to 1000 marines with armored vehicles. The actions of the Russian fleet are taking place against the backdrop of growing activity in the region of the forces of NATO countries, as well as in conditions of melting ice and the beginning of navigation of foreign ships. US State Department Arctic Coordinator Jim Dehart said that Washington perceives the region "as NATO's northern flank." Back in May 2019, speaking at the Arctic Forum in Finland, US Secretary of State Michael Pompeo announced that the United States would strengthen its military presence in the Arctic "in order to counter the expansion of China and Russia in this region.", - about it сообщает publication "Nezavisimaya Gazeta".

Such statements are, in fact, an indirect declaration of war on Russia, since earlier the Russian side announced that it would protect the Northern Sea Route, since this Arctic region is under Russian control.

Experts, in turn, see not very many options for further developments.

“It is important to understand that not a single NATO country, including the United States, is ready to confront Russia in the Arctic. There may indeed be provocations from Washington, but the likelihood that American ships will approach the Russian borders from the north by at least a hundred kilometers is already incredibly small, ” - notes the specialist.

It should be noted that earlier during NATO exercises in the Arctic, the military alliance failed maneuvers due to frozen equipment and sailors, and this was just a few days of maneuvers.

You are almost saying everything correctly, just do not take into account one thing that internal problems in the United States, economic, that is, debts and external ones, everything can be solved by war. This has already happened, for example, Germany.

It's logical, Vlad.

So no one touches people. Let them live. but on whose territory. is another question! Alaska Ball and Today. this is Russian territory!

We fought under socialism too. Tens of millions have been lost in the 20th century.
You would think the communists were fed by the spirit of equality and brotherhood. Well, if you have to eat, drink and dress, you have to fight for the appropriate resources.

A similar case took place before the Great Patriotic War. Comrade Stalin called on his colors - Just do not provoke Hitler, just do not provoke! And Hitler's saboteurs were operating in all the vastness of our country. Today we are seeing the same thing.

Do not flatter yourself, Russia is indifferent to you.
Well, if only as fruit merchants you are known.

Azerbaijan? What do you have against? given to use - you used, now it's time to return. Otherwise, all your "baijan" will become part of Russia.

An atomic war between NATO and Russia will begin in this region

Alaska Sale and Purchase Agreement needs to be reviewed!
The US loves to renegotiate treaties. Why shouldn't Russia also revise the treaty?

And what does the Northern Sea Route have to do with Sahib_u and Azerbaijan? Someone learned to write in Russian and is trying to shit here? Maybe ISIS appeared here? ...

We need to develop our military and economic presence in the Arctic, which is being done, and reading about the Yankees and their Wishlist is a waste of time

The population of ALL Alaska is 738 432 people. We can assume that he is practically not there.

Nobody plays cat and mouse with you. It was you who started the conflict in Karabakh, thereby playing into the hands of the enemies of the USSR, who helped to destroy the great power. The time will come when you will all be expelled from Russia, which you have been using for many years as a feeding trough, but you continue to carry out anti-Russian work. Clever does not cut the branch on which he sits.

What is the Ukrainian Arctic?

Never, they are as far away as China on foot

On the contrary, it is a very successful example. Read Lenin: under capitalism, wars are inevitable, the only way a new balance of forces is established. Let's go to capitalism, live by its laws.

The NATO Charter says that alliance members should not have territorial claims to other countries. That should be excluded from NATO! So it will disintegrate)))

Why similar? Come and drown. Still adults. They came deliberately ...

The United States is drowning in racial conflicts, unrest and degradation of democracy, which threatens its internal integrity, but they all stubbornly look not at the problem, but "to the side", like an ostrich hiding its head in the sand. Only when the tsunami overtakes the ostrich's ass, it will not save his head.

This is me saying that it is less worthwhile for the US to engage in provocative nonsense and unrealizable plans for Russia, and pay more attention to serious internal problems. Otherwise, they are like Russia of the late 90s, risking collapse. Putin saved Russia, only there is no such Putin in the United States and there will be no one to save them, they will fall apart to hell and that's it.

And this usually happens with those who dig a hole for another.

When the cancer whistles on the mountain. Alaska is sold and does not belong to the return.
Just don’t talk about the referendum, the residents of Alaska live better than you and me.

Both animals and beasts ...
Words are synonyms.
Only the weak respects the neighbor's territory.
Never strong.
These are the laws of natural selection.

Yes, yes, it's time to remember and remind whose Alaska and California.

For that fought for it and ran. For more than 30 years, Russia, as an empire of evil, has been playing cat and mouse with my country (Azerbaijan) on the issue of the territorial claims of Armenians over Karabakh. Well, get what you deserve.

We urgently need atomic icebergs ...

The aggressor forgot to return Alaska to Russia

To the question "Whose Arctic?" - even in Ukraine there is no doubt ...

And in the article where are the words about Taimyr?

Alaska when will our decision makers demand back?

They laughed) What kind of animals "respect" the territory of their neighbors? All animals in which the territory has any meaning is in a continuous struggle for it. And animals "respect" only those borders, when crossing which they can get a head on ...

Bad example. Respect for animals is based on a fear of power. And this strength is constantly being tested.

The United States will long and tediously poke a sharp stick at all vulnerable points - in search of a weak spot. And as soon as they find this weak point, they will start hitting it ... There is nothing new in this tactic. We need to act in a similar way.

Even animals and beasts respect the territory of their neighbors! When will Americans learn to live at least by the animal? Or will they remain non-animal entities?

And then they will ask for help from us