USA Launches a rocket


The United States threatened to strike at Russia in the event of a strike on Ukraine and Donbass

The United States has threatened to strike at Russian territory.

Despite the fact that the Armed Forces of Ukraine continue to concentrate their forces near the Crimean border and attack the territory of Donbass, where at least a quarter of a million citizens of the Russian Federation are located, the United States has threatened to strike at the territory of Russia if the Russian side decides to defend the self-proclaimed republics of Donbass or in in the event of an attack on the APU forces concentrated near the Crimean border.

"The US Department of Defense sees" excessive activity "Russia after repeated clashes between the Moscow-backed separatist forces and Ukrainian troops in eastern Ukraine. Since the beginning of 2021 20 Ukrainian soldiers were killed in the fighting. Both sides have been at war with each other since 2014, when Moscow annexed Crimea. national security adviser to the US as Sullivan spoke with his Ukrainian counterpart last week, and Secretary of State Antony Blinken said that he discussed "ways to strengthen security cooperation" with the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Dmitry Kuleba. All US leaders have promised Washington to stand on the side of Kiev. It is not clear whether the fighting has intensified in the east of Ukraine, or how to react to NATO, but the Pentagon has made it clear that he was in a state of readiness. "We are monitoring the situation with the Ukrainian army reports of the deployment of Russian troops on the border. We are very, very carefully observe, "- said on Thursday, a Pentagon spokesman John Kirby," - said the publication «Sohu».

Experts draw attention to the fact that Kiev itself went to the escalation of the situation in the Donbass and near the Crimean border under pressure from Washington, however, it is quite obvious that in the event of an attack on Russian territory or Russian citizens in Donbass, Russia will strike both the forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the forces Alliance.

everything is just like that

who are all the leaders of the united states? and who did they say they would strike, you personally?

A belligerent United States can get caught in the distribution if it intervenes in the conflict.

At the moment, there is no need for NATO in Ukraine, since Crimea has gone to Russia, and without Crimea, the West does not need Ukraine, but they spent a lot of money on a coup in this country and, now they have only one thing left to do, send all Ukrainians to the war with Russia, somehow to avenge the dollars spent.

Well, how is the return line. So Biden needs to walk in four diapers at once.

There are predictions that Russia will soon close its borders with Turkey due to an exorbitant infection there (Erdogan did not recognize the annexation of Crimea at a meeting with Zelensky), so from 2050 the Turks will have to roll their lips back. that they will eat their tomatoes with Zelea.

"All US leaders have promised Washington to side with Kiev" similar to the parodist A. Ivanov: "... everyone writes. And he reads alone ..."

You yourself thought of this or you were prompted.

politicians are squabbling for power and ordinary workers are dying. I want to ask why. Is it possible that literate people cannot agree and the DPR is all Ukraine or not. In any case, stop war

Success in space? Already the second ship exploded on launch. They are not even able to create rocket engines, they buy in Russia.

Unfortunately, we will not see smart actions from our "Elite", since they are indifferent to the national interests of Russia. Their personal interests are more important to them.

Yes, the people were asked, and they received an unambiguous answer. We trust the president, and he acts in a balanced manner in accordance not only with the immediate needs, but also with the development prospects not only of our country, but also with the aspirations of those who want to be with us.

Do they realize at the same time that they will receive a retaliatory blow of crushing force? Are they ready to die in a nuclear apocalypse for the sake of Ukrainian nationalist ambitions?

It's a shame for the LDNR, it's a shame to tears for little children. who did not have time to see the world, it is a shame for our "elite". led by our guarantor of stability and peace, who traded thousands of lives for the SP-2 gas pipeline. For them, first of all, money. And to recognize the LDNR is not relevant for them. After all, their offspring, relatives, wives, mistresses (s) live, study, sunbathe on the azure beaches in the same America, on their own (bought with money stolen from ordinary people) islands. and all this under the guise of the main guarantor of the Constitution. For our Great Power It's a shame. Just a shame !!! ...

Why guess on the coffee grounds? Don't you bet here by chance? There will be, they will not, they will start, they will not start. Politics is a delicate matter. The time will come to find out everything.

I think that VVP does not graze geese with you and to call the president simply "... Uncle Volodya ..." is not very decent on your part. But the fact that our President ... warned the whole world that it would not be possible to sit out like in World War II overseas ... a very balanced and thoughtful, responsible statement. The United States is the main instigator of all wars and provocations. So the State Department's statements about the possibility of their precisely preventive strikes against Russia were cut short by a warning on this topic from our Supreme Commander-in-Chief, the President of Russia. This is a very accurate decision in terms of strategy.

Russia did not annex Crimea, but returned it at the will of its inhabitants. They were asked, and the answer is absolutely adequate - I have been to Crimea many times in different years, I know what I am talking about.

To save their system at any cost, but their citizens were asked ..... Uncle Volodya warned the whole world that it would not be possible to sit out like in World War II overseas.

Our elite completely lies under the amers and most likely they will simply whine and hide the deaths of Russians, their money and their children over the hill, what they have before us

Our homeland has no boundaries !!!

Will they have time to swing before the strait is formed between Mexico and Canada?

Don't tell my sneakers. Russia belongs to the world capital. And the United States as well. Will they destroy their goods?

Their homeland is where they have always lived, live and will live!

If this happens then the United States will at least cease to be a state.

who are you going to destroy? all houses, villas, bills and money, and most importantly children and relatives of our elite in the states. will not go against their own.

that is, if there is anything left of Kiev.

They are already at home. Russia never ends anywhere

They are at home

come on, make people laugh, they were afraid of Korea

It will be necessary to come again

I completely agree...

This is all nonsense. It will never happen. America and Russia are connected with each other Since the reign of E.B.N.


if the USA zhahnet, it won't seem a little.

Didn't they mix anything up there? Shouldn't Russia be confused with Yugoslavia or Iraq? The return will be instant. The American man in the street will personally assess the effectiveness of Russian arms strikes. Europe is a matter of course.

where the United States intervenes after them chaos and devastation, they can only make a mess, they have not won a single war.

If there is no one, then there will be no work.

We are watching very, very closely, "Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said Thursday."
Likewise, you watched North Korea launch missiles and shook the air with menacing roars. AND CHOOOOO? !!!

a quarter of a million Russians are in the Donbass, so let them go to their homeland in Russia.

According to American data, US armaments are inferior to Russia, every last one .. The US is still ahead only at sea and in space. Javelin is outdated, their electronic warfare is not serious .. Their air defense is of low efficiency .. They have already helped in Georgia exactly the same .. We saw efficiency

They can do what they want .. Russia has no place to retreat .. If the West enters the war, there will be a nuclear war .. It's simple

Listen to Kostya's common sense, and the media, the Turkish state TV channel TRT1, presented a forecast that by 2050 Turkey will significantly expand its zone of influence and, according to analysts, Crimea will fall under Turkish influence ... (Information from Voennoye Obozreniye)

So Turkey will "help" you)))

Remind me? You need to do it efficiently.

America. Here she was and no !!!

The Russians will laugh together!

Full respect to you.

It's called "we're almost ready to declare war on you!"

Nonsense, nonsense. The author got confused in words)) All US leaders promised Washington to side with Kiev.

Glory to Ukraine. If Russia attacks Ukraine, then the Turkic countries will help it.

Lads, there will be work soon. At the undertakers.

Ukraine will repeat the history of Korea in the 50s of the last century.

Stop watching zombie box

And these words became the last in their lives, and the United States itself was part of the Pacific Ocean.

But didn't the West guarantee, with the participation of Viktor Yanukovych, a repeat presidential election in Ukraine in 2014? He guaranteed with signatures and ... as always, he deceived, as with the non-expansion of NATO to the East.

Everyone will die, but someone will go to Purgatory, and this is forever

You yourself believe it, it is a bad idea to start a war with Russia.

Well, write then that every day a couple of NATO planes land near Kiev. Unload equipment and ammunition. Among other things, there are missile defense systems, electronic warfare and many Javelins. So it will be more truthful.

Then it is worth reminding the "Partners" about the decision-making centers.

You are deeply mistaken. Yes, the United States is not the strongest country today. However, if it smashes in, then Russia will not show itself for sure. And the fact that Russia has recalled the ambassador, so let's call everything by its proper names - this is called "pursing the tail"!

Of course, the United States will not go to war with Russia, but various measures will be taken from assistance in the supply of weapons, equipment, shells, consultations of military specialists, strengthening of real sanctions, etc., and in the future, the basis for NATO military bases on the territory of Ukraine. Therefore, it is necessary to be very careful, without emotion, to make decisions on the issues of bringing troops into the territory of an independent state.

The States, as always, want to carry the chestnuts with someone else's hands. Well thanks for the hint. Now, of course, you need to start with the States.

of course. others will pay who will lose

The Americans will not even lead a finger to die for the sake of Ukraine, since this will put the United States before the fact of their destruction. The United States is a yap without conscience and honor, attacking and fighting only with the weak. And Russia will correct their brains, there is no doubt.

There is no need to write such headlines, this is military hysteria. This is just your opinion, there is something else !!!

Duc, these are provocateurs, it is not for nothing that topnews links to this site

"All US leaders have promised Washington to side with Kiev"
To promise to marry does not mean to marry.

Is it difficult for you to write the truth?

Think before writing headlines like this!

So it will be possible not to pay on the loan !!!

The headline is an outright lie. On the contrary, the United States is now and will sit very still. They are generally in a bad situation - internal problems will not even allow mobilization to be carried out, the ground army is in a deplorable state, the navy and aviation are outdated, there is a great shortage of tomahok machines and they are all non-nuclear, there is no integrated layered air defense / missile defense on US territory, there is practically no military air defense tanks - no, electronic warfare - outdated. The United States does not have any units and formations that would allow attacking the Russian Federation for the sake of Ukraine. And the Russian ambassador from the United States was recalled, which is a very bad signal for the United States. And in the Russian Federation "in all Russian military districts, a control check of the combat readiness of the country's Armed Forces has begun," Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said. More than 4 thousand exercises of various scales will be held. The maneuvers will cover the territories of all military districts and the Northern Fleet, as well as areas of the Far North , Kuril Islands and Kamchatka. "

If the United States will strike at Russia, then this is a war - even if they have no doubt that a "Mirror" response will come and, as a bonus, strikes will be in Afghanistan, Syria, Romania ...
The military DOCTRINE of Russia allows it, and even the liberals will subside from the anger of the people!

"The United States has threatened to strike at Russia in the event of a strike at Ukraine and Donbass"
Post the original threat statement, please.

And this is already a war, and the response will be across the United States.