US threatens to drown Russian Black Sea Fleet

The United States began to threaten the destruction of the Russian Black Sea Fleet.

A noticeable complication of relations between Russia and the United States, led to the fact that the US military began to threaten attacks on the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Navy, which is beyond the scope and could force Russia to take emergency measures.

“The US Air Force reports that B-1B bombers, who flew to and from the Black Sea region last week, worked out procedures for using the AGM-158C, or LRASM long-range anti-ship missile, during this training mission. The mission focused on the future work of these bombers against sea threats when they enter, but with a greater emphasis on operations during a potential crisis in the Pacific. This flight shows that there is interest in how these capabilities can support unforeseen circumstances in Europe and the Black Sea, where they can be a particularly serious problem for the Russian fleet, and the Kremlin notices this. The Air Force’s announcement of anti-ship missile tests during the flight of a group of bombers is clearly intended for Russia and its Black Sea Fleet. ”- сообщает The Drive edition.

Specialists, in turn, pay attention to that fact. that the Russian borders are well protected even from modern cruise missiles and that air defense systems can detect such targets several hundred kilometers away, which allows them to be shot down long before they pose a real threat to the security of Russian warships. Nevertheless, the US threats themselves are forcing Russia to take very radical steps, including escorting foreign military aircraft in neutral airspace and at a great distance from its borders.