Drone strike


The United States used a drone and a secret missile in Syria against the S-400

The United States used a secret missile in Syria, directly above the positions of the Russian military.

The Americans continue to demonstrate their dominance in the sky over Syria, carrying out the elimination of members of local groups and jihadists, absolutely not coordinating their actions with the Russian military. So, a few days ago, an American attack drone launched one of the most secret American missiles, which destroyed a civilian vehicle, leaving no chance for the people in it.

According to the information provided, the American attack drone, located above the region of Aleppo province (the strike was carried out on Idlib - approx.ed.), Controlled by the Syrian and Russian military, was able to successfully pass from the east and use the R9X missile. The American strike drone was subsequently visually identified, however, Russian military aircraft did not rise to intercept it, and air defense equipment once again demonstrated their low effectiveness in protecting controlled airspace.

“In the province of Idlib, the leader of the local branch of Al Qaeda has been destroyed. He was cut into pieces by the giant blades of an R9X rocket fired from a drone. The deceased is Khaled al-Aruri. The New York Times described how al-Aruri was eliminated as "a combination of medieval brutality and advanced technology." The terrorist was eliminated with the help of the Hellfire AGM-114R9X air-to-ground missile; it was launched from the MQ-9 Reaper drones. The inert missile warhead does not contain explosives; the shell of the shell is equipped with six powerful blades. "The blades open a few seconds before the collision with the target and then grind it into the smallest parts.", - the Israeli edition "9tv.co.il" reports.

And why should we stop the Americans from killing a pro-Turkish terrorist?